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Spin Bowling action timing


Cricket Spectator
Hi, I've been struggling with the timing of my bowling action which I've been doing since I was 14. I'm now 23 and feel that this is holding me back from excelling. I bowl left arm off spin (used to bowl medium pace but die to stress fracture I've stopped this) I had the same issue when bowling pace and no one really picked it up nor did I have access to a specialist coach.

I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge on the subject that could help me fix this problem?



Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Hard to tell from photos but bowling stride looks a bit long and lower half is opening a little early at delivery

Suggest you look at videos of Lyon & Ashwin bowling around the wicket


Cricket Spectator
It's important to note that timing can vary slightly depending on the bowler's individual technique, style, and the specific type of spin they're attempting to impart on the ball (e.g., leg-spin, off-spin, googly, etc.). Consistent practice and refinement of timing are essential for spin bowlers to master their craft and effectively deceive batsmen with variations in flight, turn, and bounce.