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So how many people ended up buying the game? Are going to buy the game?


Cricket Spectator
dont you think its funny how many people are saying "i cant wait to start the game properly when we get the patch"

sorry but what a load of ****. the game is so underprepared its not funny

can someone please provide some proof that the spinner thing has been fixed??

and can someone show me an innings where they scored LESS than 500 with AUS v ENG in the ashes???


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
pearljammonkey said:
can someone please provide some proof that the spinner thing has been fixed??
I think only having 9 spinners in the top 20 test bowlers in the world after 3 years of playing makes it seem like it has at least improved if not been totally fixed.

The sixes have definitely increased too, and the World Cup every 4 years is great. That, with the potential of a fixed database in a patch, certainly made it worth the cost in my opinion.

And as for getting the high scores, well, I managed to lose to Bangladesh while playing as England and lose to Zimbabwe as NZ, so I think not all of us find it that easy.


U19 Debutant
I lost to the windies in 2005 quite convincingly after tearing the pants off England, 5-0

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Bought it today after much inner debate. First impressions (30 mins of game time):

1. Pakistan certainly picks an odd first XI.
2. The West Indies is a much greater challenge than in ICC 2001, which is refreshing.


International Captain
I've got my copy. 20/20 was interesting although I was defeated in seven of the eight games.