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Season 7 Press Releases


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
As soon as it emerged that Mashonaland had picked spinner Ben Joshi in the first round of the pre-season draft, the rumour mill started up, with many wondering about where this left Mashonaland veteran Saqlain Mushtaq. Mushtaq was the standout performer for the struggling Zimbabwean team last season, as he took 47 wickets at 25.34 (with the next best being Khan's 39 at 39.26), and also managed two lower order fifites. While he only took 14 wickets in the 9 one day games that he played in, he averaged a perfectly respectable 27. Ben Joshi, however, comes to the team with a strike rate under 34 and a superior average in both first class and one day cricket.

When asked about the likelihood of Joshi paying over Mushtaq, Mashonaland manager Andyc said that "Joshi will be our first choice spinner for the season in the first class games. He is more of an attacking spinner than Saqlain, and his superb strike rate will greatly aid the team. Saqlain will be likely to play, however, if the conditions suit or if Ben is injured. In one dayers, both players will most likely be starting, as they each have equally outstanding records in the shorter version." When asked about the team's next draft pick, Andyc declined comment, saying that he will first "have to look at the available players, the current team balance, and discuss these things with my 2nd XI manager."


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ACT secure highly sort after keeper

A early draft pick ensured that WCC heavy weights ACT picked up their number 1 man in the draft. South African international AB De Villiers was sort after by a number of managers but he eventually found his way to the Comets. Head coach Simon Fitzsimmons has expressed his delight at securing the talented wicketkeeper batsman, "He's an excellent player and he will give our side some much needed balance", Fitzsimmons went on to explain that he hopes that De Villiers can mature into a better batsman than he already is, "Like any young batsman he is prone to the odd rash shot, but hopefully we can get him to play within himself a bit."

The ACT will now continue to stregthen the First Class side, theres no doubting that Tamil Nadu are still the benchmark of World Club Cricket and we are looking to their team for inspiration, until we can say that we are as good if not better than them we will do our best to improve this outfit. A Batsman or Fast bowler are expected to be top of the ACT's list in the 2nd round of the draft, however picking at 19th could be a blow in the hopes of picking up a high quality player...


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Stephen Burpe smells
Kent manager Stephen Burpe is reported to smell like cabbage
It is also expected that he sells like cabbage
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33/3from3.3 said:
Stephen Burpe smells
Kent manager Stephen Burpe is reported to sell like cabbage that is all
I can't believe you stuffed that up

Kent Happy With Catch
Kent manager Stephen Burpe was pleased when the news came through that they had acquired their first pick, Nuwan Kulsekara. Burpe told the media today that "Nuwan will definitely bolster our pace bowling ranks. He will definitely become a vital cog in our first-class blueprint, and will help solidify our one-day bowling attack." Burpe is already considering a number of options for the second round, again being in the middle of the order for picks.

Magrat Garlick

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Binny and Goughy Sign For South Australia

Highly rated spinner Trevor Binny has agreed to a one-year contract with South Australia Cricket Association, manager Håkon Mørk revealed today. Binny is a further part of strengthening the first-class side, who gave up the title to Tamil Nadu last season, and also strengthens the one-day bowling following the departure of bowling phenomenons James Anderson and Malinga Bandara.

Comparisons were made during the press conference between the current South Australian side and the Indian Test side of the 1970s, whose spin attack always struck fear into opposition when playing at home but were considerably less effective overseas. However, Mørk claimed that "our bowlers are good enough to take wickets on any surface, and they'll prove that this year."

South Australia also strengthened their coaching staff by employing assistant manager Kev Goughy. Goughy had been considering the offer for some time before finally accepting, and it is hoped that he will lead the 2nd XI to glory before pursuing his own career.


Hall of Fame Member
Ali opens up for Colts

Colts continue their push for the OD Championship with the signing of Pakistan opener Ashraf Ali. The opener is expected to be joined at the top of the order by either countrymen Salman Butt or young Indian wicket-keeper batsmen Pradeep Chawla. His potential partnership with these batsmen is hoped to be major factor in the Colts attempt to win their inaugural OD Championship.

During his time in the Pakistan domestic competition and his former WCC club Lahore Ashraf Ali has proven to be solid opening batsmen in both forms. His move to club is also hoped to boost a weak top order in FC cricket also. It expected that there maybe one more addition to the Colts OD line up, but like Ashraf Ali, this player will also be required to meet FC requirements of the Colts.

Ashraf Ali has been given squad number 2.
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International Debutant
Western Australia are deligthed to announce the signing of F Milligan. Milligan will take the new the ball with H Jenkins in both forms of the game. Jenkins had a stunning debut season WA, but lacked any quality new ball partners. Milligan and Jenkins will be one of the most feared opening duo in the divison, both averaging under 20 in 4day cricket.


International Vice-Captain
The news couldn't have been better today for Western Province. Having the 22nd draft pick and receiving their first pick was certainly a blessing for the South African side.

Both Jack McNamara and Ian Markus expressed delight at the announcement that Tony Ballard will be joining Western Province in season 7. Tony is a highly talented opening bowler who has made his way through the junior ranks of South Africa and the Allan Donald bowling academy.

Manager Ian Markus today released a statement after the news was released "Both Jack and I had spoken a lot with Allan (Donald) about which young fast bowler at the academy was ready to step into first XI cricket. We didn't have any hesitation after seeing Tony in the nets and seeing his performances on some highlight tapes".

Asked about his second round draft picks Ian admitted that the side would be focussed on aquiring a batsman to help the side win the first class premiership.


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South African Captain Joins Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Cricket Club today announced at a press conference that South African International Captain Graeme Smith will join their squad for Season 7 of the WCC.

Smith was signed to boost the batting line up where no batsman averages over 47, and will captain Yorkshire in both forms of the game.

"Signing Smith is big. The squad is excited to have him with us and we expect he'll score plenty of runs for us, while keeping his big trap shut. Our batting line up leaves much to be desired and Smithy will be a definite improvement" said manager Greg Thomas.

"I look forward to batting with Graeme. He'll bring a lot to this side" remarked stalwart Yorkshire batsman, W Tendulkar.

Smith is expected to open the batting with countryman Herschelle Gibbs. Smith was unusually quiet at the press conference, as he was eating a lot of free pies provided by the club.

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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Karachi obtain W Jaffer

Karachi are pleased to announce the acquisition of W Jaffer in the first round of the Draft. W Jaffer was the only player to feature in both the 1st XI and 2 XI managers' provisional draft pick lists and so naturally we're pleased to be getting our first choice. W Jaffer will be slotted into the 1st XI for the first match.


Cricketer Of The Year
Nsw very happy with underated star D Quayle. Nsw manager back after a short break was very happy to get his signiture for the upcoming season and hopefully he will have a long and succesful career at the blues.


International Regular
Gaurav Nayak and Daniel smith were very pleased to hear that they got the man they wanted in the draft, despite being 2nd last. "W Beasley is going to be one of the cornerstones in our OD batting lineup" 1st XI manager Nayak was quoted as saying. 2nd XI manager Smith had quite a bit more to say though ""We're very happy with our new signing Mr Beasley. He's a good all-round cricketer, and will add a lot of stability to our middle order in the One Day game. I'm looking forward to working with him." Obviously the talkative one:p.

With Queensland having gone through quite a lot of change, with two new managers this season after the sterling leadership of the argonaut. Time will tell of the fortunes of the team, but as of now. The managers are very confident.

The Baconator

International Vice-Captain
Tasmania are very happy with the acquirement of Sachin Kotak, he will be a pivotal member of the OD side and fight for a place in the FC line up.


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Surrey are delighted to bring in Yashpal Singh to spearhead the 4D batting this year, as the best batsman in the draft, he was a fairly quick choice.


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Sean Maxwell returns to ACT

WCC's alltime leading run scorer Sean Maxwell has been drafted to the ACT Comets in the 2nd round of this years draft. After scoring 1400 runs for the Comets in season three he has spent three more seasons in the sub continent playing for Karnataka. However with their exclusion from WCC the oppourtunity arose for Maxwell to return to Canberra, he is said to be delighted in the move and cant wait to return home.

With a career batting average of just on 50 he adds something a littl bit more to the Comets already powerful line up, the role he'll play in the side isnt yet known, its unlikely at this stage he'll be able to take his number three spot from captain Ricky Ponting, but the decisions on the batting line up wont be made for some time. Coach Simon Fitzsimmons has expressed his delight that the talented batsman will come home finally. Fitzsimmons had this to say, "I've been trying to aquire his services for a number of seasons now, even through my time with ND and South Australia he has been on a so called hit list, however i am delighted that he is happy in returning home to Canberra where he will hopefully score a lot more runs and retire as a club legend."

The Comets are firming as one of the teams to beat in season seven and this should just attract more support for them.


International Vice-Captain
WP go from strength to strength

The news from round 2 of the draft was perfect for WP, as they picked up former wicketkeeper batsman Andy Puttick to the side. Puttick has been quiet over recent seasons of WCC however the return to his old club looks set to spark him into gear. The acquisition looks certain to put Naved Iqbal into the second XI as Puttick will take the gloves for Province.

Both managers at Western Province are said to be ecstatic at Putticks imminent return. "We're over the moon to have Andy back. A player of his class with both bat and gloves will surely make a title dreams that much closer".

In other news out've Western Province, senior manager Ian Markus has laughed off ACT's confident statement to the media as being "one of the teams to beat". Ian said that the comment was "laughable" and that ACT has a lot to learn. Ian believes that the sides lack of experience at the top level will see them crash and burn this season. "ACT haven't even played division 2, for them to consider themselves a title chance is stupid".


Cricketer Of The Year
South African Chokers?

ACT Assistant Manager Brendon Goff has hit out at Western Province Manager Ian Markus today after Markus' comments that ACT will crash and burn this season..

Goff lashed out saying that Markus should concentrate alot more on his teams apparent choking problem rather then what ACT will be doing...
"His side has been favourites every season for the past 4 seasons, yet they only have 1 title. Maybe they have a touch of the Chokies, Whilst ACT have failed only once to secure the First Class Title since their inception.."


International Vice-Captain

ACT second XI manager Brendon Goff's claims that Western Province are a team that "chokes" has left the South African cricketing public stunned. Province manager Ian Markus told the media this afternoon that he finds it hard to believe that his side "chokes" citing the fact that his side has gained promotion from each of their respective divisions in the last 3 seasons.

Markus went further by refuelling a debate which he tried to raise at the end of last season when it was announced that division 3 sides Somerset and ACT would make a giant leap into division 1. "Both ACT and Somerset haven't played against world class opposition ever. I think they are going to be in for a rude shock and it's going to be very embaressing for them this season. The leap from division 3 to division 1 is to much for both those teams".

When asked about his own sides chances this season Markus didn't rule out the possibility of winning the title saying "there are about 3 or 4 sides out there who can win the competition and we are definately one of them. No doubt Tamil Nadu will again go in the favorite but we feel we're a good chance at beating them".


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Kent Get Number 1 Again

Kent again picked up their number one pick in the second round of the drafy conducted today. Promising batsman Zac Birch, third cousin of Rosalie Birch, said he was "ecstatic to be playing for such an illustrious crickt club". Birch averages 48 with the bat in first-class cricket and 46 in the shorter form of the game. Kent manager Stephen Burke gave a brief statement to the press, in which he said "I am very pleased to have acquired Zac, he has the talent and the head on his shoulders to be a great contributor to this team's fortunes this season". Burke also stated that Kent will use the remaining rounds as efficiently as possible to build a squad that will "dominate in both forms of the game".