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Scheduling Idea for Next Dev League Season

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Bored as hell, so for some reason I came up with this idea.

With the schedule for next season, I think it would be a good idea to have a schedule similar to the Australian Domestic season where teams generally play each other in a one day game then a pura cup game in a round.

Given we have 5 teams we could have something like,

Round 1:

Jan 1 Reds v Black (FC)
Jan 1 Green v Blue (FC)
Colts (Bye)
Jan 2 Reds v Black (OD)
Jan 2 Green v Blue (OD)
Colts (Bye)
Jan 3 Colts v Black (FC)
Jan 3 Blue v Red (FC)
Green (Bye)
Jan 4 Colts v Black (OD)
Jan 4 Blue v Red (OD)
Green (Bye)
...and so on...

I just think this would make it clear for everyone, especially selection committees exactly when teams are playing. Teams would have two days off maximum (3 if rest day is added) which would give selectors adequate time to discuss changes to a side if a side has a bye. If a team doesn't have a bye they would be playing a few days in a row which would be good for activity.


Cricketer Of The Year
Sounds like Camps & Mork have gotten their paychecks and then sat back. Good idea, Wright, I like it.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
pasag said:
What is the current system? Pardon my ignorance.
It's whatever I came up with at the start of the season.

Sounds like a good enough idea. I'd still like the season to begin and end with an FC game, though.

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Samuel_Vimes said:
It's whatever I came up with at the start of the season.

Sounds like a good enough idea. I'd still like the season to begin and end with an FC game, though.
My proposal is just an idea and one that I encourage discussion on. Just because the season starts with a FC & OD game doesn't mean it has to stay that way throughout the season. You could start the first quarter with FC/OD, second quarter with OD/FC, so when you get to the final quarter you have OD/FC so you can begin and end with a FC game.


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i dont like it cause teams will have two days off in a row too often. I was always under the impression that teams wouldnt generally miss more than one day unless there was a rest day either side.


International Debutant
Agreed. Dont like missing one day let alone two. Plus i like Dave's 'More FC Games'.

Think it should be about 2:3 ratio of OD:FC Games. More meaning.


Hall of Fame Member
It's a bit unrealistic to have more five dayers. Besides, there are OD specialists and so on to consider. I think 50/50 is fine.


Hall of Fame Member
personally i'd reduce OD games to one against each team and increase the FC games to play each team 3 times home and away

Loony BoB

International Captain
I like the idea presented by Kyle, and also echo Fuller's sentiments regarding the ratio of FC:OD games.

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
Thought I might as well use an existing thread.

We normally begin the season with friendlies against each other and another touring side. In the past (from looking at the website) I see that we played a Twenty20 tournament for a couple of seasons. Only a suggestion, but shouldn't CW catch up with the times and play a Twenty20 competition (10 games plus a final), rather than play the friendlies? Or perhaps play a shorter Twenty20 tournament (2 groups, 2x3 games, winners in final using a touring side (or maybe using the U19 side), followed by one OD friendly and one FC friendly, since first-class teams in the real world don't play a huge amount of friendlies before the season begins.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Haven't found a sim that can cope with Twenty20 properly yet. We used to have 25Smash, but it was rubbish.