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if u dont want to run cos u killl the grass u have a rule where u agree with the bowler that it is a run

Stephen Waugh

Cricket Spectator
How about:

When I play with my siblings, sometimes we play "tippetty" (running when you hit), but if you manage to accidentally touch the bowler, you can run back. Often it causes disputes. As an alternative, you can just run your partner out by standing in the middle of the pitch then running. :D


World Traveller
Whenever I play cricket outside of club, whether it be in the driveway or when I was at TAFE or at school (my backyard is covered in bricks), I hate the old tippety rule and getting run out without facing a ball.

I mean when a batsman hits the ball to the fielder, and you are at the non-strikers end, you can easily be runout and it hurts more when you havent faced a ball.

I bat like Glenn McGrath at times, but I do enjoy everyball I face and try and throw my bat at ball.


We nominate an umpire who gives runs to the batsman depending on the shot.. For example a stonking cover drive will get four, a flick off the legs one, and a defensive shot will be a dot ball... More a judgement thing...


Cricket Spectator
Well I am lucky to be blessed with a perfect driveway with grass mainly on one side and a stupid shed blocking the other side but otherwise I have a good backyard.

I named it Garth Park during my backyard cricket days, I don't if I will ever go back to them, I can never seem to find anyone interested in playing me in Adelaide hehe!

Though I am sort of crap, I suppose I'm the number 8 batsmen with some run capability and 2nd string bowling attack..

As for running, very easy for me, and my grass gets killed anyway over summer, not much rain and mum usually parks the car on it, I will have to start watering soon.


Cricket Spectator
Thankfully mum doesnt give a crap about the backyard's lawn, so we have a pitch marked out all year round. The only problem is, I get pretty bored with backyard cricket sometimes and I get tempted to smack my dad all around the backyard. Today I got yelled at for playing a hook shot and having the ball land in the next door neighbours pool, so we racked off down the park and had a hit there. Its fun in my family. Mum's a pom, dad's a kiwi and I'm an Aussie. Guessed who has the bragging rights in my family yet? 8D


International Regular
we get an a umpire and if the umpire thinks it was enough time to run while the bowl got to the bowler we give it as a run