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Relegation/promotion release


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
The board has come to an agreement on the structure for promotions and relegations at the end of this season. it will be as follows:

Division 1
1. Team 1A
2. Team 2A
3. Team 3A
4. Team 4A
5. Team 5A
6. Team 6A
7. Team 7A
8. Team 8A
9. Team 9A
10. Team 10A

Division 2
1. Team 1B
2. Team 2B

3. Team 3B
4. Team 4B
5. Team 5B
6. Team 6B
7. Team 7B
8. Team 8B

Division 3
1. Team 1C
2. Team 2C
3. Team 3C
4. Team 4C
5. Team 5C
6. Team 6C

Division 1/2
Team 1B and Team 2B from Division 2 would get automatically promoted to Division 1 while Team 9A and Team 10A would be automatically relegated from Division 1 to Division 2.
Team 3B would play Team 8A for the chance to be promoted to Division 1. If 3B wins they get to go to Division 1 while 8A gets dropped to Division 2. If 8A wins, they stay in Division 1 and 3B stays in Division 2.

Division 2/3
Same structure as above except just Team 1C gets promtoed automatically from Division 3 to Division 2 at the expense of Team 8B.
While Team 2Cplays Team 7B for the chance to get into Division 2.


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In the case of a draw in the FC playoffs, (unless they're unlimited games?), what happens?

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Matteh said:
In the case of a draw in the FC playoffs, (unless they're unlimited games?), what happens?
Teams would stay in same divisions I'd assume.
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I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Not sure. I'll let Simon field this one.

Maybe a rematch I don't know.

Edit: Actually, I think we can have unlimited games so it'd be played in that format.


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if its a draw the team in the higher division gets to retain their place. Much like the Pura Cup final where the home team only needs a draw to win the trophy...


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Sounds good, I'm hoping Northerns can string together some more wins so we can secure our spot in Division 1.


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Pretty sure i'm going down in FC. OD, currently sitting in that playoff spot and hoping that i win that final game as SA's net RR is worse and i'd stay up. :cool: