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Rate the commentators

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International Vice-Captain
For me the commentators can either make or ruin a day watching cricket from the sofa. Who gets your respect? Who really annoys you?

I'll always have a soft spot for Henry Blofeld. Glenn Turner & Brian Waddle are two of the best, IMO. Richie Benaud's a great one also, as long as I can change the channel when he's actually on camera! The man looks like he's just been awoken from 100 years of cryogenic stasis...

Ian Smith is way too negative, and Tony Greig and Bill Lawry are so biased it's not funny.


Mr. P

International Vice-Captain
Hard Harry said:
Richie Benaud's a great one also, as long as I can change the channel when he's actually on camera! The man looks like he's just been awoken from 100 years of cryogenic stasis...
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


International Regular
Tony Greig is a don, he gets so excited makes you think he's never seen a boundary before! Richie is the complete opposite as nothing fazes him, no matter what happens in a game.
I like the radio five coverage (for english peeps) like blofeld etc purely because of the banter they have, makes interesting hearing compared to the strictness of sky sports, then again they do have michael holding, that voice.......


Virat Kohli (c)
Billy Lawry and Tony Greig for sure. They have the ability to make watching grass grow exciting. :D

You can't beat Bill Lawry's "BOWLED HIM" at the Sydney Test this year when Pathan bowled Gilly. He probably went blue lol. Not to forget the recent WACA match between Australia and India when Gilchrist was almost run out as the ball hit Agarkar's (I think) finger tips and hit the stumps. The noises that were coming out from Lawry's mouth when he thought Gilly's bat may be in the air was absolutely hilarious. Even though India were getting smashed I was sitting on my couch laughing with what Lawry was saying.

You also gotta love Tony Greig's "WHAT A CATCH!". :)

Richie seems to never smile, I don't think I've ever seen his face change. He's a great commentator though. I'm also getting accustomed to Healy, and on the radio in Australia Harsha (sp?) has come down to commentate and is great as usual.


International Debutant
How about Bill Lawry when the Zimbabwean player in the slip took 4 attempts at it. That had me in stitches! I can't remember the players involved, as i was in the other room, I can only remember Bill Lawrys commentating.

Richie is good, Harsha is a great commentator, Bill and Tony are classic.

I really hate Heals and Taylor, they both suffer from verbal dioreah (sp). Bore me to tears with their rabbiting on.


U19 Debutant
I like Richie Benaud, Chappelli, and I think Healy is really good.
Mark Taylor is very good with his incisive remarks on tactics and such - I can't stand Lawry and Greig most of the time.

I do like Henry Blofeld when listening to cricket in England, and Michael Holding is great to listen to.


State Vice-Captain
i really dont like Aamir Sohail and Henry Bloefeld, i do rate tony greig as a commentator though


Hall of Fame Member
Henry Blofeld is a dumb commentator. I think Richie Benaud, Bill Lawry, Tony Greig are best. in 2002 when India toured England David Lloyd and David Gower were doing the commentry and they were very good.


State Vice-Captain
Soes anyone remember when david lloyd was comparing michael clarke with that popstar effineff, he is so stupid, eminem you norbert!:P :lol:


Cricket Spectator
Ian Chappell used to drive me crazy droning on and on with his opinions, saying "I think..." all the time, but this season he doesn't.

Ian Healy isn't always fluent speaker but impresses me when he talks about injuries, he knows all about the bones and ligaments, plus it's good to have an expert wicketkeeper

Richie and Mark Taylor are my favourites


International Captain
Sidhu is good and puts excitment in the box. Sunil Gawaskar is a great expert . I still remember that he said that to judge a caught behind case , The umpire should look at the batsman's face . If he turns his head following the ball then it means he has nicked it ..... great commentator . No ones even close . Worst is Pat sympcox .

Slow Love™

International Captain
I'll add another vote for Tony Greig here. Always interesting and he knows how to stir up the other commentators, particularly Lawry.

Ian Chappell's been far too parochial in recent years and constantly nitpicks whoever is playing Australia for being lazy, sloppy, undisciplined, etc, and remains silent when it's an Australian offending.

Without doubt the two worst commentators of the nine team are Healy and Taylor, particularly Taylor, who is just awful. As far as I'm concerned, if you can't pronounce the word "Plasmavision", you shouldn't have a position in public speaking. Even more so when you've got so little to offer anyway, and you have the face of a small, ******** boy.

Roebuck and Harshna on ABC aren't too bad, and are more natural in their banter than their TV counterparts. Richie's picked the right time to quit, IMO - he's always been good, but I think he's been losing it a little this year. Although keeping him away from SOD would probably avoid a lot of awkward moments.

V Reddy

International Debutant
Armadillo said:
Sidhu? oh my god:wow:
My reasons for picking those 4

Aamir Sohail - Arguements are never short when he is commenting

Sidhu - Can't stop laughing most of the time when he is commentating and hearing his co-commentators reactions to his comments

Lloyd - Always funny to hear

Boycott - I really like his commentary when Sehwag is batting:lol: