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Rate Him: Shane Warne

What do think of Shane Warne out of 10?

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Cricketer Of The Year
HCT's also happen, by far, to be the most common, available over-the-counter diuretics too which negates assertions of nefarious intentions without further proof. Do you have any?
Wrong. HCT is a prescription only drug, and so is frusemide. Frusemide is used far more widely than HCT for diuretic purposes. HCT's main use is not as a diuretic, but an anti-hypertensive. Using HCT to lose water is a joke, that you have to ingest hell of a lot of pills to lose water. Could have achieved the same with a tablet of frusemide. When you study the properties of the drug the (mal)intentions of Warne are much clearer.