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Ranking the All Time Test teams


International Coach
All of these are great choices; but I would certainly make certain changes in every team.
As for Australia; I would still prefer to have Trumper over Simpson or Lawry; his average is not impressive but reputation certainly is. Also, Smith over Border and Lindwall over Davidson; but those are close.
For Windies, if going with an opener who didn't opened later on career, I would go Rohan Kanhai over Worrell; and as keeper Walcott over Dujon. When he kept, he was a very decent keeper and as batsman he certainly is superior. Also, Gibbs for Garner. This ones close, but I think team needs a proper spinner (Sobers was everything) and Gibbs probably was better than most people give him credit for.
In South Africa, make de Villiers keep. He kept on 24 matches and was a quite good keeper. They have many good Allrounders, I would add a bunch; as Rice, Procter and Faulkner will replace Nourse, Lindsay and Tayfield.
In England, Sutcliffe over Barrington; make Hobbs and him open while Hutton bats at 3. Ames for Knott as better batter, Rhodes for Laker as an extra bat and Anderson, Larwood or Bedser for Snow.
In India, Kumble for Zaheer Khan and Mankad for Laxman as the batting depth is sufficient. Dhoni can bat at 6.
In Pakistan, Moin Khan for Sarfaraz, Sarfaraz Nawaz for Shoaib Akhtar, Abdul Qadir for Saqlain Mushtaq.
In New Zealand, Bert Sutcliffe for Devon Conway, John Richard Reid for Cairns, Bond for Cowie and Boult for Wegner.
In Sri Lanka, make Sanga keep, Mahadevan Sathasivam for Mathews and Ashantha De Mel for Chandimal.
Aye aye Captain!

Line and Length

Cricketer Of The Year
Statham is greatly under-rated when discussing England's bowlers.

"Statham did not make the ball swing in flight but, by pitching it on the seam, he could achieve very fast deviation off the pitch which accounted for many a batsman's wicket. In 1963, he briefly held the world record for the most wickets taken in Test cricket and, having been overtaken by Trueman, he ended his international career with 252. His first-class career tally of 2,260 is nineteenth in the all-time list and he has the best (lowest) average of all the top twenty bowlers."



U19 Vice-Captain
Modern Test teams (England for instance) should win because you haven’t chosen anything close to the strongest team.

Selecting ATG Team from your time frame, I can go-


Have current England team transported to 1956 and we should see lots of crying about the pitch and those bats. For a fast bowling pitch just have Larwood and any of Tyson/Snow/Statham/Bedser to replace the spinners depending on where the match is taking place.
Bud , i probably typed 5 responses and then reconsidered .

I agree fully that your team is better and liked your response however I think the point i was trying to make was missed , the OP did get it so it is all good and this response is probably not needed .

None of the bowlers you selected played before 1900 where as I selected 4 out of the 5 where all 5 will be considered pre world war gen if you wanted to go on how many others do it . Then with batting i went in the golden generation that was helped due to other factors for batting post world war if you want to take it that way . Surprisingly you used all 6 plus the keeper i used .

I did this for a reason as statistics and peoples recollection doesn't tell the whole story and was to my point none of us watched these player or played cricket at that time etc so our opinion is fallible and influenceable , also stats doesn't mean the same for each player when going through the history of the game .

Lastly regarding the time traveling , that's part of why this is fun and the stories these historic cricketers have are amazing however the comment goes both ways . When reading about them , many are described as athletes , the reason is at the time it wasn't the norm and set them apart , these days it is a requirement and the norm If what sets you apart isn't special how would this affect the ability etc. .

Always enjoy your posts and your team selections and if it wasn't for the strongest team comment i probably wouldn't have responded because just on paper criteria and statistics the team i selected is incredible and reads like a all time team and by stating what you did you actually assisted in my point :thumbsup:
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International Regular

Watling is clearly better than BMac and is one of the top keeper bats of all time. That said the way Blundell is going he may end up even better than Watling.
Blundell in his current form is an upgrade and I don't think Watling has a hundred opening in Australia in him. But Tom did get the advantage of debuting during his prime. In terms of resume for this, Watling for now because of longevity.
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