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Pre-Season Predictions from Soccer-4-Life Magazine


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Soccer-4-Life Magazine ran an article today on the upcoming CricketWeb Football season.

All the teams and major players were featured.

The most interesting part of the piece was a computer simulation, commissioned to predict the upcoming season.

The simulation was conducted by Prof. Bronx McNaught-Bryant at the European Institute for Football Studies in Dublin, Cork Campus.

The good Proffessor said "This study is based on simple tactics. It leaves a number of things out of the equation. It is more an analysis of the comparative and relative strengths of the teams" He continued "We expect to see the bookmakers using this analysis for their preseason odds making, however as the season progresses things may change"

The study was based on having each team play a 5 match series of computer simulated games against each other team. They alternated home and away.

The results of the study were thus-

Dynamo- 21 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws
Swell- 17 wins, 7 losses and 1 draw
Stallions- 12 wins, 8 losses and 5 draws
United- 9 wins, 9 losses and 7 draws
Fury- 4 wins, 19 losses and 2 draws
Power- 4 wins and 21 losses

Prof. Bronx McNaught-Bryant went onto conclude that whilst he would not recommend anyone betting their life savings on the result, the report certainly showed the Western Dynamo to be clear favourites going into the season.
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Quite obiviously the article highlights that the top four teams are the best divers in the league:ph34r:


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********, United are going to clean the floor with everyone (especially the Swell)