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Pool B - New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Namibia, Canada

Which 2 teams will qualify for the Quarter Finals?

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Obviously a huge gulf in class here but I'm pleased that 100 point thrashings look like a thing of the past.


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You may well be right, considering the all blacks have two bites against the two weakest teams in the cup.

It's a shame this pool is like that, you'd at least hope the semi-ameteur sides got spread around a bit.


International Coach
Beauden Barret rubbed out for 5 weeks following posthumous citing of forearm use in tackle...said nobody..


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
It's funny seeing Italy well ahead in their group but with such a slim chance of making the next stage

Who out of NZ and SA would they stand a slight better chance against?


International Debutant
It's funny seeing Italy well ahead in their group but with such a slim chance of making the next stage

Who out of NZ and SA would they stand a slight better chance against?
In theory I suppose against the Boks. They have beaten them before in Italy, although that was a different era...

I would be extremely dissapointed if Italy beat the Boks this time around


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On paper I don't think Italy turning over South Africa is very far from Japan turning over Ireland. But Japan are a much more cohesive and better coached team than Italy, played with a massive crowd behind them and played an Ireland side missing its most influential player.

If Italy are going to have a chance it's need to be a dogfight in the mud the way it was in Florence, and they'll need to be defending like crazy. And I think SA have seen that because they're picking Frans Steyn as part of a pace-free bench, presumably just to hoof drop goals on the chance it comes to that.

SA losing to Italy is very unlikely, NZ losing to Italy though is about as likely as me winning wimbledon.


glorious taranaki man jayden hayward and a few others excepted, italy are terrible. i will never forget the italy v france test in rome this year for just how bad both sides were.

italy dropped the ball over the try line ffs.

they're lucky they won't face japan because they'll get destroyed.


Yeah, brainless play. Camped on the Boks line, penalty to come...

I don't think it altered the outcome at all, but it destroyed the game as any sort of contest.


Cricket Web Owner
I didn't realise Italy were that bad actually, completely devoid of any quality play.


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For anyone who missed it, Namibia got up for it in the first half an hour, made a nuisance of themselves, got a few penalties and it was a one point game after half an hour. Once they ran out of gas it was men against boys in the second half. The last NZ try was a beaut, if you want a reason to watch highlights.