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Pictures of Steve Smith


Virat Kohli (c)
This thread should now be closed and deemed invalid since it has been revealed that Spikey did not like Steve Smith and wanted him dead.

We should not tolerate frontrunner fans like him.


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hey bud this is the pictures of steve smith thread not the steve smith has always been a flawless human being thread. take a hike ****head


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Steve Smith @stevesmith49 · 2h
The greatest spectacle in world sport starts tomorrow. Maybe Federer's last shot at a grand slam? #Wimbledon #champion

Steve Smith @stevesmith49 · 1h
Getting plenty of feedback suggesting the World Cup is a better spectacle. Nothing beats a 5 hr 1 on 1 battle on centre court in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Scyld Berry is jumping the gun a bit

This is the era of global mobility. Ballance represented Zimbabwe Under-19s before his cricket scholarship to Harrow. Robson represented Australia Under-19s, and if his angular stance is similar to anyone's then it would be Steve Smith, who played alongside him and is now Australia's vice-captain.


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Steve Smith ‏@stevesmith49
Have to give a 2 min speech on Victoria falls tomorrow. Any information about them would be much appreciated.