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*OLD* T20 Discussion and Results

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You'll Never Walk Alone
Twenty20 Cup Playoff

****atoos vs Upper Body

And so, after a successful tournament in which new stars were unearthed, veterans were tonked around and Camps was dropped after making less than fifty runs at under five, it came down to this playoff match to find out which side would join the Rabid Wolves in representing CW Land at the World Championships. There were approximately seven times the amount of spectators at this match than there were for the 'final' as the people made known their thoughts on the Masters XI's participation in the series. Captain Heath Davis called correctly at the toss and surprised a few by deciding to have a bat, on what looked to be a bit of a slow deck.

Patrick's bowling this series has been likened by some to a fat man humping a rock and this match was no exception as his first over disappeared for twelve. His captaining however, has been much better and he brought 20/20 superstar Rhys Williams on in just the third over. It worked brilliantly, as Robertson drove a good length ball into the hands of Smith at cover. It was the start of a dire time for Fardingham as wickets fell at regular intervals. Dauth was brilliantly run-out by Dwyer, Malone found Murphy's buttcheeks in the deep and Mamesh and Raftery came and went. Nayak was out aswell, but no-one really noticed.

Amid all this carnage however, was the brilliant Dave Kearsley. Knowing a score of 100ish was never going to be enough, he kept the runs coming at a good rate for the ****atoos and at 64/6 he was joined by Ritchie. The two rotated the strike well, finding the boundary at opportune moments aswell, as they formed something of a revival. Against the run of play, Kearsley was run out by a beautiful Maina throw, going for a second run some 47 runs later. What happened next though, was unprecedented. Captain, legend and lady-man Heath Davis strode out to the middle, took guard and promptly slammed his first ball through midwicket for four. For all the fun and giggles of 20/20 Cricket, the crowd knew this was serious and got right behind the struggling ****s.

The ball was crossing the boundary with alarming regularity as Fardingham scored runs at a rapid rate. With six balls left in their innings, they had recovered to 141/7. Patrick entrusted himself with the crucial last over in what turned out to be a f00lish move. 4, 1, 4, 4, 6, 6 read the commentary as Davis and then Ritchie played with absolute contempt. Ritchie in particular was outstanding, getting under anything that wasn't yorker length.

The ****atoos then finished on a very respectable 166/7 as Ritchie and Davis jogged back to the pavillion, smiles on their faces, knowing they were now a huge chance. Dwyer however, crouched down behind Patrick as Murphy pushed him over, before Smith took Patrick's sunglasses, broke them and carved 'carpe diem' in his captain's thigh.

Fardingham ****atoos - 166/7 off 20 overs
ZJ Ritchie 49* (35)
DA Kearsley 47 (31)
HT Davis 26* (21)
Williams 2/13 (4)
Gonzalez 1/30 (4)
Maina 1/31 (4)
Patrick 1/52 (4)
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Hall of Fame Member
A slightly different write up here.

So, the Upper Body are left chasing a slightly below par total of 167 to win the match and progress to the Champions League. Isn't it amazing how often the tail can wag, even in these short games so at least the Torso boys have a total to chase. So its game on here.

They say the sun shines on the righteous, (or is that the self-righteous?) and with that thought in hand, CW Black Captain and all round mouldy egg, Dan Smith strides out purposefully. Alongside him, young rookie Jay Gonzalez is with him. He looks slightly nervous here, but given his performances in the series so far, he should find little to worry about

Following behind them are the Fardingham team, led onto the field by Zac Ritchie. Some curious team selections for today's match, that's for sure. Davis has dropped the overseas players and has gone with a 100% CWLand team. The field takes up their positions and it looks like Colts Captain, Kyle Wright is to open the bowling to the Blacks captain here. Both will be looking to make an early statement for the Development League season ahead, as much as anything. Ritchie is starting off with a couple of slips in, to meet the required number of catchers criteria. It looks like Robertson and Raftery in the slip cordon.


Hall of Fame Member
0.1 Wright to Smith - 4 runs! A full ball bowled well outside the off-stump is pounced upon by Smith who unleashes a massive cover drive to the boundary. There's no stopping that one.
0.2 Wright to Smith - A much better line from Wright. Just outside the off stump, full again and well left by Smith
0.3 Wright to Smith - Gone! A very similar ball and the ****s have got off to the just the start they needed here. Smith couldn't resist playing at that one and its gone straight to Robertson in the slip cordon who takes a simple chance.

DP Smith c. Robertson b. Wright 4 (3)

0.4 Wright to Murphy - The new batsman, Darren Murphy, has taken the unique course of action of coming out without a helmet, despite Fardingham having such a pacey new ball unit. He plays this well, dropping a rising ball into the on-side, and scampering a safe single.
0.5 Wright to Gonzalez- A nice upright seam from Wright there. Sadly, the ball pitched well outside off stump and has been left well alone by Gonzalez. A dot ball.
0.6 Wright to Gonzalez- Bang! The attempted slower ball from Wright has been lifted safely over mid-off and... one bounce and into the advertising hoardings. 4 runs

End of the Over One: Upper Body 9 for 1 Gonzalez - 4 (2), Murphy 1 (1)
Wright 1 - 0 - 9 - 1

1.1 Davis to Murphy - The new ball is shared by the erratic Davis. He starts with a full delivery on an immaculate off stump line. This surely can't last! And that's edged by Murphy, but he's used soft hands and that runs away through the 3rd slip region for 4 runs! Davis kicks the turf and is lightly reprimanded by the umpire.
1.2 Davis to Murphy - That ball's neither one thing or the other, and it sits up nicely for Murphy to swivel-pull that away for another 4 runs. A poor follow up to the first ball there.
1.3 Davis to Murphy - A brute of a ball there! That's rising and Murphy's turned his head away from the ball! That's cracked him in the ribs and Murphy is down!!! We're gonna have a bit of a delay here. That's just not cricket! The cameras have focused in on the Upper Body balcony at Liam Camps jr. who is rolling about in fits of hysterics. I'm sure he'll be purchasing the forthcoming DVD later on tonight.
1.4 Davis to Murphy - Ooooh! Close one. Murphy's played and missed at that. And the ball goes through and hits Dauth's gloves firmly.
1.5 Davis to Murphy - Another edge! This time an inside edge that flies off the back pad and away past the leg stump. Its not going to reach the boundary though and is stopped down at fine leg by a running Dauth. 3 more runs to the total
1.6 Davis to Gonzalez - A more loose delivery there. Left along outside off stump.

End of Over Two: Upper body 20 for 1 Gonzalez - 4 (3), Murphy 12 (6)
Davis 1 - 0 - 11 - 0

2.1 Wright to Murphy - On the off stump and played away towards point. Dot ball.
2.2 Wright to Murphy - Just outside the off stump, just short of a length and squirted away behind square on the off side. That's a chase for Nayak... And he's beaten. 4 runs.
2.3 Wright to Murphy - A shorter ball, lifting up into the ribcage. Murphy shuffles away to the off side and lets the ball go behind him. A dangerous move there. The ball sails over leg stump. Dauth liked that behind the stumps and applauds Wright.
2.4 Wright to Murphy - Wright tries the same tactic again, but Murphy stays inside the line and goes for a massive swipe. Cripes! That's come right off the top edge and has gone high towards deep mid-wicket. There's no one out there and it drops in no-man's land. 3 runs.
2.5 Wright to Gonzalez- A good foot outside off stump there and Gonzalez goes for a square cut. Dauth takes the ball and there's a massive appeal. There was a sound there! What the hell was it? The umpire turns down the appeal and walks over to Thamba Mamesh at mid-off and proceeds to take two blocks of wood from his possession! Surely he wasn't tapping the two together to make it sound like the ball had been edged? Mamesh could find himself in front of the beak with that behaviour
2.6 Wright to Gonzalez- He plays and misses again! That ball stayed very low and Gonzalez plays well over the top of it.

End of Over Three: Upper Body 27 for 1 Gonzalez - 4 (5), Murphy 19 (10)
Wright 2 - 0 - 16 - 1

3.1 Davis to Murphy - Short of a length and heading for the thigh pad. Murphy drops that in the leg side and starts to run. Gonzalez shouts a loud "NO!" and no run is taken. Murphy looks at Gonzalez in disgust.
3.2 Davis to Murphy - Davis aims that short and fast, zeroing in on Murphy's bandana. Murphy ducks as the ball heads through to the keeper and then extends his arms to indicate a wide. The umpire disagrees and another player may well find himself in front of a disciplinary panel.
3.3 Davis to Murphy - Short again, and this is getting predictable. Flayed away in front of square. There's no stopping that. 4 runs.
3.4 Davis to Murphy - Surprisingly full. Murphy plays all around that and it raps him on the pad. A half appeal is given, but that clearly hit Murphy outside the line of off stump.
3.5 Davis to Murphy - Murphy not liking the full ball here. This time, a bit of late swing gets the better of him and he plays outside the line, missing the ball by a couple of inches there. Oh! Dauth has fumbled that ball. Gonzalez scampers through for a single. Fine running there!
3.6 Davis to Gonzalez - Davis has slipped in his release there and that's a full toss. Gonzales leaps on that and spoons it over mid wicket and through to the cow corner boundary. 4 runs

End of Over Four: Upper Body 36 for 1 Gonzalez - 8 (6), Murphy 23 (15)
Davis 2 - 0 - 19 - 0

A change in bowling here. Ritchie brings himself on. A bit of spin.

4.1 Ritchie to Murphy - A cagey start there from the wily Ritchie. Pitches on off and turns away. Murphy leaves it alone.
4.2 Ritchie to Murphy - The same again there and Murphy still not tempted.
4.3 Ritchie to Murphy - He pitches that too straight and Murphy clips that away towards a sleeping mid-wicket. He takes an easy single.
4.4 Ritchie to Gonzalez- He's given that a bit of flight and that's pitching on leg. A loose ball and Gonzalez sweeps. That's hit a crack or something though and bounces and turns, missing everything on the way through to the keeper. An excellent take there from Dauth! How he got to that, I don't know!
4.5 Ritchie to Gonzalez- A great straight drive there from Gonzalez. He hasn't timed it perfectly, and that's pulled in before the rope. 2 more to the total
4.6 Ritchie to Gonzalez- Another dot ball. Played straight to short cover.

End of Over Five: Upper Body 39 for 1 Gonzalez - 10 (9), Murphy 24 (18)
Ritchie 1 - 0 - 3 - 0


Hall of Fame Member
Another change here. Kearsley comes on with his cheeky little medium pacers. Upper Body looking good here.

5.1 Kearsley to Murphy- Good batting and bowling there. Heading for the top of off stumps until Murphy played an angled bat down to 3rd man for a single.
5.2 Kearsley to Gonzalez Too short, too slow and thrashed over mid wicket. One bounce and a four. Ordinary bowling from Kearsley.
5.3 Kearsley to Gonzalez Gonzalez looking to dominate Kearsley here. He's smacked another straight one which is again pulled in just before the boundary. 2 more to the total. Ritchie's made a few changes in the field here. He's put in a slightly curious fielder at a semi-deep mid wicket.
5.4 Kearsley to Gonzalez Looks like there's a plan afoot here. Another short ball from Kearsley and Gonzalez isn't tempted into the pull. Well aware there's a fielder out there.
5.5 Kearsley to Gonzalez Full and swinging in. Gonzalez launches a straight drive. He hasn't timed it very well and there's a fielder out there at long off. Its Davis, he runs round and takes a wonderful catch, skidding along on his knees in the outfield and he's gooooone!

JP Gonzalez c. Davis b. Kearsley 16 (13)

5.6 Kearsley to Murphy A dot ball for Kearsley there as Murphy plays all around a straight one.

End of Over Six: Upper Body 46 for 2 Fitzsimmons - 0 (0), Murphy 25 (20)
Kearsley 1 - 0 - 7 - 0

6.1 Ritchie to Fitzsimmons Oh dear. That's a rank long hop to bowl to the new batsman. Wallop! That's right over mid wicket and has sailed into the stands! SIXER!
6.2 Ritchie to Fitzsimmons Ritchie has a quick chat with Wright and Davis here. Its the arm ball that he bowls, and that's telegraphed a mile off by Fitzsimmons. A lovely square cut. Four runs!
6.3 Ritchie to Fitzsimmons Blammo! Fitzsimmons really taking to Ritchie here. He picks that one up and drives it back over the bowler's head and into the sight screen. SIX MORE!
6.4 Ritchie to Fitzsimmons Ritchie under the cosh here, but he's bowled a beauty here. Fitzsimmons attempts the slog-sweep, but misses completely. Dot ball.
6.5 Ritchie to Fitzsimmons Another good ball, but well played by Fitzsimmons. Squirts that into the on side and takes a single.
6.6 Ritchie to Murphy A dot ball here from Ritchie. Well played, sir.

End of Over Seven: Upper Body 63 for 2 Fitzsimmons - 17 (5), Murphy 25 (21)
Ritchie 2 - 0 - 21 - 0

A curious change here, considering how much Fitzsimmons took to the spinners in the previous over. On comes Tarick Weber

7.1 Weber to Fitzsimmons Oh! Hello! That's a nicely flighted ball. Fitzsimmons uses his feet and hits a good looking lofted drive. But, he's hit that straight down the throat of long on and its the safe hands of that man Davis who hold that. A key wicket, methinks

BC Fitzsimmons c. Davis b. Weber 17(6)

7.2 Weber to Murphy Another good ball from Weber there is well left alone by the batsman. Murphy looking circumspect here.
7.3 Weber to Murphy EDGED! A great line from Weber again and its taken by Dauth! But its not been given! Replays show that the ball came off Murphy's pad and not his bat. Good umpiring.
7.4 Weber to Murphy A real edge this time. A wider ball from from Weber is driven at by Murphy and that flies off the edge, but that gone through the vacant slip cordon and raced away across the outfield for a couple of runs.
7.5 Weber to Murphy He's got the full MEAT on that, but he's hit that straight to point. He considers a run but Fitzsimmons says no!
7.6 Weber to Murphy A straight ball that Murphy defends into the off side. Dot ball.

End of Over Eight: Upper Body 65 for 3 Dwyer 0(0), Murphy 27 (26)
Weber 1 - 0 - 2 - 1

8.1 Ritchie to Dwyer A slow, flighted delivery here. Dwyer clips that away and picks up a three.
8.2 Ritchie to Murphy A poor ball there. That's a rank long hop from Ritchie and cracked away on the leg side. Four of the easiest runs you are likely to see.
8.3 Ritchie to Murphy A much better ball, that dips and spins away. A good choice from Murphy to leave it.
8.4 Ritchie to Murphy Another dot. What more can be said
8.5 Ritchie to Murphy Oh! An excellent shot there. The ball sat up and Murphy cuts that away. Gets just the single as that speeds out to the man on the boundary
8.6 Ritchie to Dwyer Dear oh dear. Dwyer goes to sweep and gets an under edge that rattles along to the fine leg boundary, where it is pulled in just before the boundary. Dwyer takes three. A lucky shot to say the least.

End of Over Nine: Upper Body 75 for 3 Dwyer 6 (2), Murphy 32 (30)
Ritchie 3 - 0 - 31 - 0

9.1 Weber to Dwyer Weber is bowling excellently here. That one turns away and Dwyer gets tied up in knots. Dot ball.
9.2 Weber to Dwyer Dwyer just can't read Weber here. That's gone straight on and goes inside the line of Dwyer's bat. It nearly grazed the stumps!
9.3 Weber to Dwyer And again! Dwyer getting visibly frustrated here. He goes for the slog sweep and misses. The ball bounces and grips, missing off stumps by a couple of inches.
9.4 Weber to Dwyer Gottim! Oh Yes. An excellent spell by Weber here. Dwyer tries to turn this away behind square, gets the timing all wrong and gives a leading edge back to the bowler. Weber greedily accepts the catch.

CR Dwyer c & b Weber 6 (6)

9.5 Weber to Khan Oh! Another edge here, but this defies the keeper and runs away four four. Khan off the mark with a boundary, but excellent bowling there.
9.6 Weber to Khan Khan happy to see the end of the over. He flat bats this one back to the bowler, who receives a pat on the arse from the mid-off fielder. Who is that?

End of Over Ten: Upper Body 79 for 4 Khan 4 (2), Murphy 32 (30)
Weber 2 - 0 - 6 - 2

Looking fairly close at the moment. Half the overs gone, and Upper Body are 4 down with less than half the runs scored. But we've all seen how the tail can wag in these games.


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A bowling change here. David Kearsley back on to replace Zac Ritchie.

10.1 K'sley to Murphy Murphy plays out a dot ball there. An accurate delivery from Kearsley
10.2 K'sley to Murphy Murphy pounces on this one. A good ball on off stump, but the batsman was more than willing to attack that. Square cut to the boundary for and he takes two.
10.3 K'sley to Murphy A faster, full ball there. Murphy brings his bat down and squeezes it for a single to square leg.
10.4 K'sley to Khan Hello nurse! That's a short and pacey delivery from Kearsley. Khan looks to attack and attempts a hook that sees the ball fly up, high and backwards and sails into the lower stand of the tier behind the keeper! Would you believe that went for SIX!
10.5 K'sley to Khan Khan on the charge here goes to pull and nearly chops that into his own stumps. The ball is taken by the keeper and a dot ball is the result.
10.6 K'sley to Khan Oh no. How often does the slower ball fail? Well fail it did here as Khan telegraphs that and plonks the ball on to the roof of the training facilities.

End of Over Eleven: 94 for 4 Khan 16 (5), Murphy 35 (33)
Kearsley 2 - 0 - 22 - 0

11.1 Weber to Murphy Weber's bowled excellently so far. Can he keep it up? It seems not as Murphy uses his feet and dances down the wicket and plop this over the covers. One bounce, two bounces - four runs.
11.2 Weber to Murphy Oh Yes! Sweet revenge for Weber here. What a ball. That pitches shortish just outside the off stump. Murphy steps back to play off the back foot. The ball stays low and spins in rapping Murphy on the knee roll. That's plumb, and the umpire has no doubts in despatching him Lbw. A key wicket there.

DBM Murphy Lbw. Weber 39 (35)

11.3 Weber to Sharma Sharma's dancing around on his crease here; which proves to be enough to put Weber off his line and length. That's dropped away on the leg stump and swept away with exceptional timing to the boundary. Four runs.
11.4 Weber to Sharma A good start for Sharma here. He clips this away. A bit to leggish from Weber and gets a single.
11.5 Weber to Khan A play and a miss there. It spun away from Khan.
11.6 Weber to Khan Another dot ball. Khan defends to Malone in the covers. But that's a sloppy misfield, and Khan scampers the single.

End of Over Twelve: 104 for 5 Khan 17 (7), Sharma 5 (2)
Weber 3 - 0 - 16 - 3

Another bowling change now. Gaurav Nayak - the forgotten man of Fardingham comes on to see if he can keep the pressure on.

12.1 Nayak to Khan A good start from Nayak. Heading for the top of off stump and defended off the back foot. Dot ball.
12.2 Nayak to Khan Another carbon copy there from Nayak. Defended again by Khan.
12.3 Nayak to Khan A shorter ball left alone by Khan straight through to the keeper.
12.4 Nayak to Khan Oh ho! A play and a miss. The fielders have come alive and a giving some serious support to Nayak here.
12.5 Nayak to Khan Khan getting a bit trapped on the crease here. That ball moves off the seam and raps him on the pads. An appeal, but not given. That was travelling over the stumps.
12.6 Nayak to Khan Khan plays out a maiden over from Nayak. The ****s really needed that!

End of Over Thirteen: 104 for 5 Khan 17 (13), Sharma 5 (2)
Nayak 1 - 1 - 0 - 1

Kearsley back again here.

13.1 K'sley to Sharma Sliced away off the back foot from Sharma. Takes the single on offer. Surely point is fielding a little too deep?
13.2 K'sley to Khan Khan has become pretty defensive here, but then I guess the pressure isn't on too much at the moment. Another dot.
13.3 K'sley to Khan A dot ball again, played into the off side.
13.4 K'sley to Khan Another dot - slammed into the hands of cover. No single there.
13.5 K'sley to Khan That's better. A good shot. The ball skimms over the outfield to the deep cover boundary; a lovely cut shot.
13.6 K'sley to Khan Pitches outside off stump and stays low to evade the keeper. A bye is taken, Dauth shies at the stumps, but Sharma is easily in.

End of Over Fourteen: 110 for 5 Khan 21 (18), Sharma 6 (3)
Kearsley 3 - 0 - 27 - 0

14.1 Nayak to Khan Blammo! Slammo! Khan's back in the groove with that shot. He steps outside the line of off stump before the release of the ball and smashes that into the hospitality tent! SIX!
14.2 Nayak to Khan Good shot, but straight to point. Khan calls for the run, but Sharma isn't interested. Khan's halfway up the wicket and Sharma's in his creasing chatting to the bowler and smoking a Havana cigar. The ball comes back to Dauth and Khan is run out.

Bazid Khan Run Out (Dauth) 27(20)

14.2 Nayak to W'lms Williams goes to drive, but misses. The ball slams into his pad. No appeal, no wicket.

14.4 Nayak to W'lms He tries the same again but it fails to come off, nearly chopping onto his own stumps.
14.5 Nayak to W'lms He plays this one with more defensive intent. Dot ball.
14.6 Nayak to W'lms And Nayak beats him all ends up here. He tries driving on the walk and plays outside the line. Dot ball.

End of Over Fifteen: 116 for 5 Williams 0 (4), Sharma 6 (3)
Nayak 2 - 1 - 6 - 0

Oh and gosh! Would you look at that what's going..... buzzzzzzz

We appear to have lost our signal from the 20:20 cricket. Instead, we'll be showing you the Water Polo "live" from Garven Island.


Hall of Fame Member
And here are the headlines at 6.30pm.

Darren Murphy arrested in a late night pub brawl involving Liam Camps jr. Details are currently sketchy, but may have involved a handbag, a pink ice cream sundae and a copy of Shed Seven's album, "A Maximum High"

CWLand's broadcasting network has been fined an unprecidented $1,000,000,000 for losing the connection to the CW 20:20 Semi Final and Final. Who would have expected that?

And in the 20:20 play off, West... Sorry, East Robbham Upper Body triumphed by threee wickets in a tight match. Details to follow.



School Boy/Girl Captain
Lovely. Great to win and get into the World Champ thingy...hopefully I'll be playing :p
Nice to grab two wickets, again.


You'll Never Walk Alone
Haha Rhys. Arguably the player of the tournament - I'm sure we can fit you in somewhere. :p


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
From the high of batting, to the low of bowling, very hollow feeling as a (stand-in) captain. Nevertheless, the boys did alright and now we know what we are capable of.
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