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*Official* Women's Cricket discussion thread


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So for this game Mankading was still listed in the laws under "Unfair play". Naughty girls. Six month ban for perpetrator and captain I think would be appropriate.
The mankad is listed under unfair play because backing up before the ball is bowled is considered to be unfair. So by all means, give Charlie Dean and Amy Jones a ban.

Lillian Thomson

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I have to admit that even in these days of equality and political correctness I'm still very shallow. Grubby dismissal or not, the Indian captain is hot (a little poetry thrown in as well).


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Much better from NZ today. We're still hitting a few speed bumps along the way, but I'm feeling reasonably optimistic about the direction we're heading.


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Yeah, must say that's a bit of a pleasant surprise for me. I thought her bowling looked pretty decent in domestics, but maybe a bit below the Kasperek/Peterson level that we had in the NZ team before her. She's stepped up really well.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Already ten hundreds by nine different players in the Australian WNCL. By comparison in the similar English competition there were seven all year, and two of them hit by a Scotland player.

BL Mooney151*140WA Womenv ACT Women25 Sep 2022
G Voll145161Qld Womenv NSW Women23 Sep 2022
EA Perry117*143VIC Womenv SAust Women23 Sep 2022
TM McGrath111*111SAust Womenv VIC Women23 Sep 2022
A Sutherland111114VIC Womenv Tas Women4 Oct 2022
A Sutherland110*101VIC Womenv SAust Women23 Sep 2022
P Litchfield107105NSW Womenv WA Women2 Oct 2022
NJ Carey101*83Tas Womenv VIC Women4 Oct 2022
LM Kimmince10154Qld Womenv ACT Women1 Oct 2022
TB Wilson101127NSW Womenv WA Women2 Oct 2022


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Always really enjoy the WBBL, but it's a shame it clashes so much with the men's T20 World Cup (not to mention the women's Rugby World Cup too). There's no way I'm gonna have enough time to watch as much as I'd like. :(


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Ooh, could be a late twist here.

EDIT: Or not. But that was a great game to kick off the tournament.
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