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*Official* Uruguay vs Ghana (Quarter-Final Two)

Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
Because that's the obvious difference between Kewell's handball and Suarez' - one bloke threw up his hands to stop the ball, in the other instance it's debatable as to whether there was intention or not. If Kewell had hands just below his shoulders and used them then there''d be no debate (or threw his arms out to impede the path of the ball - which I guess some people think he did). In the rules there's no difference between the two, that's what some have an issue with.

I'm not arguing that Kewell didn't handball at all.
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Lillian Thomson

International Coach
You could argue that what Kewell did was worse. In my opinion his handball was deliberate but it was far more cute and a deliberate attempt to con the officials into believing he hadn't handled it.

Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
Exactly. Now we've got that sorted, I'm going back to some online golf and a movie. Playing terribly as I've played some accidental shots clicking on here.


International Debutant
From an outsiders pov, for whatever that's worth, reckon the Kewell one should have certainly been a goal but at the same time didn't really see the merit of a red (or the rule that leads to that).

As a fair compromise here I suggest if a player handballs on the line, the aggrieved side gets a penalty kick without a goalkeeper present. That would appease Uppercut at least :p
Hehe... I like the idea.... that should satisfy the whole... Not goal until crossed the line folks.

I think there should be special provisions made for situations like this where the it is 100% clear that it will goal.

As for Harry Kewell situation.... Refree deemed it to be handball so same rule be applied.... Seeing as the ball was definately goig in.