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***Official*** Spot-Fixing Scandal


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It's never been easy being a Pakistani fan. As far back as I can remember, there has been one difficult moment after another. Some dark moments we had no control over. Others, and lately more often than not, were of our making. With each passing scandal, you think we can't sink any lower. You hope we won't be embarrassed any further. And then the next scandal hits.

There is nothing I can write that can properly convey the mix of rage, sadness, and embarrassment that I feel. Oh I want to believe that this is not what it seems. That when all the details/truth come out, my team's innocence will be upheld. Yet I know that's not what will happen. I know deep down inside that the worse will be confirmed. Yet another black mark. Yet another blow to the soul of the Pakistani cricket fan. I feel numb and emotionally exhausted.

It may sound extremely cheesy, but whenever I feel a bit down, one of the things that always picks me up is watching my old VHS tape of the '92 WC Final. My three favorite players of all-time (Imran, Javed, Wasim) on top of the world. Pakistan on top of the world. Imran bowls that final ball, Rameez takes the catch and raises his hands. One by one, the Pakistani players fall to the ground for Sajda's. The final celebrations always bring a smile to my face, no matter how hard a day I just had. That's the effect cricket has always had on me. Today, I just don't have the desire to play that tape. I don't feel I'm in the right state of mind to talk about what should happen to the guilty players, or Pakistan cricket as a whole. I don't think I care anymore tbh.


Whatever it takes!!!
To me, what all this is doing to fans such as Xuhaib and Fusion and others here and around the world, is worse than the fixing itself.. :(


Mr. Glass
Now are they really such a bad catching side or have they been 'ordered' to drop all catches? Anything looking possible atm.


State Vice-Captain
ban em for 5 years and be done with it. playing a country with this cloud over them does no good for anyone. whether ya team wins, losers or dances around the mulberry tree with them. it just is meaningless and pointless.


World Traveller
****'s sake. I love watching these Pakistanis bowl. Asif and Aamir may not be quite as brutally destructive as Waqar & Wasim, but they sure make the ball talk.

As low as the NOTW is, there is no way this could be a deliberate fake, they'd be out of business if found out. Sigh.
Wouldn't be a bad thing.

I guess this could make sense, how else could they play like rubbish in two Tests, win the next, and then play like they have never played cricket in their lives.


If Pakistan keep getting in trouble, then even if they aren't chucked out by the ICC they'll become minnows anyway if they keep getting players banned.

Very sad. That bowling line up could have been great, but if this is true then it's gone.


International Debutant
I'm an Aussie supporter in general but Pakistan are easily my second favorite team and recently with two of the most exciting fast bowlers in the world they've been fun to watch. Have really enjoyed this series in particular.. devestated to say the least!

It makes me wonder what goes on in their headspace.. Aamer.. wtf!! why!? The risks and rewards ...doesn't make sense at all.
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From that article:

Majeed: "Yeah, it all comes through me. We don't do results that often. The last one we did was against Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup which was about two months ago. And you get a script as well."


Explaining the scam he said: "Let me tell you the last test we did. It was the Second Test against Australia in Sydney. Australia had two more wickets left. They had a lead of ten runs, yeah. And Pakistan had all their wickets remaining.

"The odds for Pakistan to lose that match, for Australia to win that match, were I think 40-1. We let them get up to 150 then everyone lost their wickets. That one we made 1.3. But that's what I mean, you can get up to a million. Tests is where the biggest money is because those situations arise."

Majeed also bragged of knowing one of the world's top tennis players and claimed he had arranged for Salman Butt to be in pictures with pop stars and a world famous US rapper. It was during the Bombay Brasserie meeting that he revealed the Oval test being played at the time against England was fixed.

He said: "England, there's brackets. Like tomorrow (August 19) there is no bracket because the Indian market is not open. The third day (August 20) there's brackets.

"I give out the information the night before or morning. What's going to happen at the end of the fourth day. But we now are not going to do any results for the next two games because we want Salman Butt to be captain long term." Then he outlined the prices bookies pay him for his information.


He shamlessly claimed: "I used to go out on the pitch to give the players their drinks. Whenever we couldn't get a wicket I'd have a lump of Vaseline on my hand. Shake their hand. They'd put it on one side of the ball and the ball would suddenly start in-swinging."
Didn't anybody pick up on this? :-O The result of the Asia Cup final was fixed?


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Was that when they capitulated against Sri Lanka? I remember that match well and i had an inkling it was matchfixed.


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Oh scratch that, I suppose he's referring to the Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka match in the Asia Cup (I think Afridi made a brilliant hundred). Somehow, I read and misunderstood it as the Asia Cup final (India vs SL). :sweatdrop


Global Moderator
I wanted to cry when I first read about this. My sister was sitting close to me and she freaked out when she saw the look on my face. Its like when you first find out your girlfriend is cheating on you. I don't wanna believe it. This is just so ****ing heart breaking if true. Especially Aamir. Why? WTF...