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*Official* Semis and Final Thread


State Captain
Did you know that the final on sunday will be Ganguly's 100th match as the Indian captain :wow:


U19 Cricketer
And if Ganguly scores a ton and India wins the game and with it the championship , then it would be a match which Ganguly and the Indians will never forget!


State Vice-Captain
Symonds, Harvey, Brett Lee, Andy Bichel, Brad Hogg, also have never ever played in a World Cup Final.
Well, Symonds and Lee and Bichel, forget about them. They wont be as prresurised as the Indians I pointed out. But Pressure doesn't indicate failure, how they cope with it is what matters.


State Captain
Tendulkar is the kind of great player who has never played in a final. I'm glad he now has his chance. In fact, I think (and know) he's good enough to have another go in 2007...he's not really that old. :P

Another great who I feel deserved a go at the World cup atleast once in his career but unfortunately, hasn't and may not ever get the chance is Lara :(


International Debutant
It will be the bigest moment in the lives of many cricketers on Sunday.

I dont really no what to expect to be honest because as good as Australia is they have yet to play anywere nere there best in this tournement I know Hayden, Ponting, Gilchrist would all have liked to and expected to have made more runs in this world cup but having said that they wont care if they make a 100 in the final and ultimatly win the world cup.

What interests me is the fact Australia still have the best batting statistics of all the teams in this world cup as far as runs per-over runs per wicket and avrage runs scored yet I think most people would agree that they have not been batting at there best.

My gut tells me Ponting will make a big score and set Australia up for victory but I also have a feeling India are going to fight like hell to reach the total set and that there are going to be some very tense and vital match situations and prehaps some big decisions to be given or not given by the umpire.


Eyes not spreadsheets
Odds as supplied by Eurobet:

To win:
Australia 4-11
India 15-8

Top Australian Runs:
Hayden, Gilchrist 3-1
Ponting 7-2
Martyn 6-1
Lehmann, Bevan 13-2
Symonds 7-1
Maher 9-1
Hogg, Harvey 33-1
Bichel 40-1
Lee 50-1
Hauritz, Bracken 80-1
McGrath 150-1

Top Indian Runs:
Tendulkar 7-4
Ganguly, Sehwag 4-1
Dravid 5-1
Kaif 8-1
Yuvraj 9-1
Mongia, Bangar 14-1
Patel, AA 40-1
Harb 50-1
Kumble 66-1
Zaheer 80-1
Srinath 100-1
Nehra 150-1

Looking at those, I think India to win is overpriced, and I might have a look at a modest Kaif/Ponting double.


State Captain
I'm also pretty surprised the cricketweb poll has 76-24 standing that India will win :wow:

Then again, I'm an idealist more than I am a realist, and I too think India can win :P


State Captain
Neil Pickup said:
Polls show nothing, apart from the number of times a button was clicked.
Well, it also shows the number of times a certain radio button was bubbled in. I was just pointing out the fact that an unusual percentage of people thought India would win, but then we know how many Indians come here :P

I myself voted 3 times from 3 different computers!

Well guys this is going to be a wonderful world cup final , between two best teams in the world in INDIA and Australia.I think India has peaked at the right moment and they are going to be hard to beat .All India needs to do is to keep their nerves, which ever team panics will get the boot.

India will hopefully win tomorrow and will become Champions after 20 years.I'll change my avatar in comming days with a pic of Ganguly holding the cup if India wins the cup!:)


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
krkode said:
Tendulkar is the kind of great player who has never played in a final. I'm glad he now has his chance. In fact, I think (and know) he's good enough to have another go in 2007...he's not really that old. :P


He's just 30 and by '07 willbe 34 so he will definately play in '07 WC but that will be his last WC as i don't think Tendulkar will continue to play till the age of 38!

But will Tendulkar be as effective as a batter as he is today at the age of 34 years??


International Coach
Not the most auspicious start for Zaheer and India. 15 runs in the first over. Just hope this isn't a sign of things to come.


Cricketer Of The Year
Zaheer Khan has totally lost the plot, I thought he was a little suspect against NZ aswell although they didn't help themselves by giving him wickets but Khan is a nervous starter & the Australians have punished him.


Cricketer Of The Year
damn Ponting is good...nobody & I mean nobody hits the ball as clean & as well struck as he does when on form.

There are sixes & THEN there are mind blowing sixes & everytime Ponting hits one I have to record it just so i can replay it to get my full value for money.


Cricketer Of The Year
Ponting is just going insane now, but its not just slogging shots its just some out of this world batting..boy am I enjoying watching this.


Cricketer Of The Year
India are under extreme pressure now, they are going back to their old fielding habits..Ganguly is letting them down badly in the field & that is not a good showing for the other players.

If Australia get Tendulkar early tonight, then this game is gone for India.