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*Official * Pakistan vs New Zealand 2023


International Vice-Captain
Henry at no 11? Whoever’s deciding the batting order is taking the piss
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International Vice-Captain
Well played Pakistan. Trickier surface than Pindi but 288 was quite gettable. The bowling in overs 31-40 won them the game.

Encouraging from Blundell and McConchie though I doubt Cole is in serious contention for a WC spot. Nicholls just continues to be a waste of space at the moment.


International Coach
They've really stacked the bowling this time at the expense of the batting, it's pretty thin after the top 6.
Uh, no not really. Milne–Shipley–Sodhi–Henry is not a tail that transpires due to rotation to complain about. Perhaps a more interesting comment is that when McConchie plays, his Canterbury underling Shipley plays too.

Anyway, McConchie gun.


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Great debut from McConchie. All positives in this series are a bonus for NZ and having a third decent spin bowling all rounder this year is pretty neat. Comprehensive win but yeah, not a lot to celebrate.


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The lower order getting some runs under their belt was good though no one kicked on and Pakistan left some runs on the board towards the end. I really don't rate Nawaz. He's an unhappy compromise between a specialist bowler and a specialist batsman. Genuine no rounder. Would prefer every alternative to playing him. I'm fine with playing Iftikhar and letting him and Salman cobble together 10 overs between them or just playing Shadab at 7 and playing a better spinner. Of course, Imad Wasim is the ideal candidate to replace him, being a much, much better like for like replacement. I'm also not a big fan of Wasim Jr but he's an ok back up bowler. Shaheen needs to get his **** together and start taking wickets in the first over again.


Not Terrible
Genuinely our spin AR stocks + Williamson/Conway and current form Mitchell would have made us such a threat at the WC. The injury really buggered us.

I do love the all cake spinners though.


Didn't see him bat but I thought McConchie bowled very tidily. I think the IPL guys plus this squad is it for the WC player pool and they won't go outside it. I'm happy with McConchie to come in for Santner/Sodhi/Macewell if required, and he could push for a higher spot still.