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*Official* New Zealand in West Indies, AUG 10 to 21, 2022


Cricketer Of The Year
Think NZ really messed things up by forcing him into the opening slot. Hope he bounces back because there's no new wave of batsmen putting pressure on the incumbents TBH.
Completely agree. We've mismanaged him in a significant way


Cricketer Of The Year
Yeah I can totally see why Neesham wouldn't be in the first XI. He's always been a guy who has some nice attributes (hits the long ball, finisher, can bowl briskly) while also being dangerously close to "bits and pieces" because he's never established himself as an international standard bowler and nor is he a proper batsman. Would just be another harsh chapter in the story of his career if he crushed it in one World Cup (with a whole "comeback story" narrative around it) and then was dropped from the next one for no real performance-based reason.
Yeah, I'm of the same opinion in terms of his attributes but at the same time he isn't a million miles off a bits and pieces cricketer.

However, I still think he's our nigh-on best finisher in both disciplines (bat and ball) - and we are far from stacked with good options in either. I still think he's worthy of a best XI place.


International Vice-Captain
This must be NZ's first visit to the Caribbean since the 2014 3 test series. That's not too far of a decade FFS. Makes for a nice change of scene in the calendar.


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Yeah Neesham's not going anywhere, is he? NZ's momentum seemed to have halted for a moment there.

Holder can be cannon fodder in white ball sometimes, especially at the death. Just doesn't have a lot going for him.