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*Official* CWBCC Weekly Times


U19 Vice-Captain
Welcome to the Offcial Home of the CWBCC Weekly Times, the only paper reporting everything CW Cricket, every week. Here is the first edition in both pdf and word for everybody to see.

Also if anybody would like to design a logo for the CWBCC Weekly Times that would be greatly appreciated.



International Captain
Very nice format Ferd and I love the .pdf edition. May we get more and more of these editions in the future.

Great Job.


International Debutant
What a start guys...top notch work by you all. Possibly in the future would it be possible to get it exported into a Web Doc to be loaded onto the web page(Just an idea...)?


International Vice-Captain
Ok......that was soooooooo good.

You guys diid a great job on that, talk about quality!

Cant wait for more, anything quater as good would be great!


International Debutant
Mr Mxyzptlk said:
Neil won't be thrilled about his milestone being missed...
As Hak said, he's on tour with the XI therefore unlikely to play a FC game this week! If you notice I left a couple of FC milestones out for the players on tour.