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***Official*** Big Bash League 2017/18


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One feels Khawaja would be handy in he odi side.
We've picked him a couple times over the last year in the ODI side and he's lost form completely. It's frustrating, because looking at the way he plays he should dominate.


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With all the dropped catches, failure to pick wrong'uns etc in this BBL, there had to be something going wrong.

My theory is that so much of the focus of training, coaching and preparation is going towards the very specific and fancy T20 intricacies (slower balls, trick shots and so forth) that the fundamentals are being overlooked somewhat.

I mean I'm not an international cricketer, or even a state cricketer but I've never dropped a high catch in my life and would be shocked if I were to drop most of the dropped catches from this tournament. I know the big stadiums with crowds and lights might make it trickier but surely not that much.


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Fergy hurt himself, the Thunder were cruising & Green performed in his earlier promotion. Made sense to give him another hit


Y no Afghanistan flag
That wasn't a very good innings from Green. How the hell is he batting five?
Weird decision thats for sure. You would think one of the non bowlers like Nair or Rohrer should have come in. In saying that, Thunder played well tonight.


first big bash game i've had a chance to watch in years. paris looks a decent bowler but tim bresnan jesus ****ing christ if retirement was a picture...


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You have to wonder if Scorchers are just playing Bresnan because they feel they have to play their overseas player?

Because it doesn't really make sense, he's terrible. You could pick a random first-change Perth grade bowler and he'd probably be better, and that's not an exaggeration.


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the strikers have only played 12 guys so far, and are set to lose a few for the finals, where you need to have played at least one match to qualify. they need to drop a bunch of guys and rotate in replacements to qualify, or only have 8 guys qualified for finals.