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*Official* Australia in India 2023


Global Moderator
He is one of the few actually tall seamers we have. And he did well in ODIs in RSA bowling in the middle overs, getting bounce and swing.

How TF they decided that translates to T20 new ball and death bowling, only VVS can tell. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
I mean surely he'd be even worse relative to the alternatives in the middle overs in India? If your only thing is that you're tall and have a roughly upright seam, you'll get absolutely demolished in the middle overs against anyone decent most of the time on those pitches.

And even then there's basic standards that you have to meet regardless of match situation or format. Like we can and should praise Maxwell for doing his thing again, but by the same token pretty much any competent batsmen should be hitting every single one of those last four balls for a boundary and at least three of them could easily have gone for six. That was hideous stuff, though not helped out by his captain having a full on convention out in the middle mind you


Whatever it takes!!!
I am not disagreeing with you. I am just saying it's why they feel he can do a job. To be fair, he is also coming back from injury and sometimes it does take time and sometimes you lose that lil zing that made you slightly stand out among the alternatives too.

Either way, he should not play any more games for India until he shows genuine improvement.


State Vice-Captain
Anyone have any clue as to what the next Aussie XI will be after the squad changeover?


Reserves: Richardson, C. Green


International Coach
Also I don't know if this was pointed out during the game but that really is a Marcus Stoinis special there: striking at 80 for a full three and a half overs in a chase of 220. Spectacular.
Thats ok cos according to Matty Hayden, Stoin looked hungry


Global Moderator
The meme status of this series only grows in stature:

The fourth T20 international between India and Australia will be played today at Raipur's Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh stadium. But with just hours to go for the crucial encounter, there is no electricity in parts of the stadium. Reason: An electricity bill which hasn't been paid since 2009.
Maybe they should go ask the Queensland Government for advice


International Captain