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***Official*** 4th Test at the MCG


International Coach
He'll get done for it don't worry. Harsh will give Zinzan the infraction Cow deserves.
unless by stroking he means vigorously applying sunscreen to my white-boy skin, in which case i have stroked many times today


Many people touch their groin area when they are enjoying watching something. In fact, don't most men cup their balls when watching TV?


International Coach
all bull**** aside such a privilege to watch a cook masterclass even if i legit dozed off earlier, seriously well played


You'll Never Walk Alone
Some rubbish bowling this afternoon. Would be bowling as full and straight as possible to Broad, and see how Cook goes on the cut.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Bird has bowled better than 0/102. I think 0/96 is a fairer assessment of how he's bowled.