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***Official*** 2nd Test at the Adelaide Oval


Hall of Fame Member
Nnanden said:
Frustrating cricket. McGrath has been SO unthreatening. Lee has had his good spells, but without much reward. Warne has been ridiculously unlucky. And who is Stuart Clark?
I don't think he's been that unthreatening, he could have had Collingwood a couple of times, but he's certianly not looked like taking a bag. All the seamers are toiling a bit on this wicket with the old ball. Aside from marginal reverse there's just nothing there. Plenty for Warne, but he has evidently been afflicted with a voodoo curse.

KP really getting on top. If England get to stumps without losing another one it's their day, and Australia will need a good morning session tomorrow to restrict them to around 400.


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Will be interesting to see who gets the new ball. At this stage it looks to me like it will be Clark & Lee. McGrath only just finished a 6/7 over spell a few overs ago. Clark hasn't bowled since just before tea, and Lee only got 5 overs after Tea.


Haha, pretty close one there.

3/266 at stumps. Top day of cricket all round, setting the stage for an very exciting test match.


International Coach
FaaipDeOiad said:
I agree that scoring slowly doesn't matter all that much. It's the first day and England needed a partnership. If he was still striking in the 30s after making a 60+ you'd be worried, but early on its fine.

He has batted horribly though. Not because he's been slow, more because he could have been out about a dozen times. Credit to him though, he's managed to stay in there somehow and has the chance to go on with it and turn it into a good innings.
That's the main reason I was surprised people were criticising, he wasn't playing well and he got through it and his SR wasn't too shocking by the end.

I think he deserves some praise for what he did. :)


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Good day for England in the end, after a poor start. I'd call it about 60-40 England's way, given the pitch. There's still a lot of work to do tomorrow for England to really get on top in the game, but they've got a good platform now.

Interesting the similarities to last Ashes. Australia batted first in Brisbane and made a big score, England lost the test comfortably. In Adelaide, England won the toss and batted, and were 4/295 after day 1. Made 342 in the end and conceded a first inning deficit of 210. That'd do. ;)


Hall of Fame Member
good end to the day for England, Collingwood has really been impressive while KP just continues to show how good he is. England should get to 400 at least ATM.

For Australia McGrath looked a bit flat today, Lee geez bowled seriously fast & was seriously unlucky, Warne did what he does best could have easily a few wickets today & Clark was just superb as well.

Overall good solid day of test cricket between the best team in the world & the Ashes holders.


International Debutant
AHHHH i thought that was out!!! bloody just a bit from McGrath....... bloody hell....

anyways England on top :( but atleast they are batting sort of slowly.... unlike Edgbaston!!!! They got 1/221 after the first two wickets fell

90 overs

i think Sarfraz was wayyyyy underbowled <_< :@ he was the only seamer who found atleast a bit of movement in the air
Bing bowled better than at the Gabba and looked like he gained some rhythm
McGrath was down on pace but tried some stuff on a slowish flat pitch
Warne bowled superb at the start ..for the first day! .. always dissappointing to see him come from around the wicket though...

Anyways, we've seen many many many times that Australia bounce back so well after failing to delivery on the first day of a test match... and on day 2 get the remaining wickets for not much

Hopefully we get them all out for ANYTHING UNDER 400!!

how do you guys think we will go on this pitch? against this attack? I think we'll do alright... lucky Monty wasn't picked... just have to be a bit wary of the uneveness which we saw from one ball off Bing towards the end
We have to watch out for Hoggard/Anderson IMO because they might find just a bit of movement in the air and they DID play here before in the practice match... and Flintoff will always bowl well
Key will be Harmy again...


International Debutant
FaaipDeOiad said:
In Adelaide, England won the toss and batted, and were 4/295 after day 1. Made 342 in the end and conceded a first inning deficit of 210. That'd do. ;)


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Laurrz said:
Not that hard to follow, surely? I'm referring to the last Ashes in Australia, where England were 4/295 at stumps on day 1 batting first, made 342 and Australia made 552 in reply.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Good day of Cricket all-round. Again Bell, Collingwood & Pietersen have all played well, KP & Colly particularly.

Clark should've been bowled more as he was our best today IMO, the last 5 overs from Warne were pretty much nothing overs, he looked spent. Despite that though he was superb during the day, and was probably unlucky not to entice an edge or get a wicket. Lee bowled well bar 1/2 overs, and was a little unlucky not to get KP in his last over i spose with the ball falling just out of McGrath's reach. McGrath bowled well, without being overly threatening, perhaps suffering a little still from the Heel?

Did anyone else think that M.Clarke was probably a little unlucky not to get KP LBW?? tbh i thought it pitched just on off stump, and was hitting the top of leg. I can see why Buchnor wasn't tempted into given it though as it was so close to pitching/not pitching in line.

The pitch seemed a little slow to me today, the ball wasn't carrying through to gilly all that well with a few mcgrath deliveries bouncing before it got to him iirc. I sincerely hope Colly gets his century tomorow, he's grafted out a great innings so far, and thoroughly deserves 3 figures. Australia must strike early though, otherwise we could be in trouble, especially if we don't get KP within the first 10.

Brilliant day of test cricket, can't wait for tomorow :)

EDIT: On a side note, was Ponting off the field for a while late in the day? The abc guys seemed to think he was about when the new ball was due, cause they were questioning Gilly's decision not to take it ?
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International Debutant
FaaipDeOiad said:
Not that hard to follow, surely? I'm referring to the last Ashes in Australia, where England were 4/295 at stumps on day 1 batting first, made 342 and Australia made 552 in reply.
oh, right
thought u meant the actual last ashes series
which is what you said...didn't know u meant in Australia

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I think Pietersen was hit outside off stump for that LBW appeal. There certainly wasn't enough in that to suggest without doubt that it would have hit the stumps. If he hadn't of offered a shot he would have been out. Shows the advantage of using the bat and very good umpiring.