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Norm Smith Medal Sweep


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Hopefully we can get 10 or so people for this.

Nufan will assign each player from Hawthorn a number from 1-22 and each player from Fremantle a number 1-22.

He will then use a random number generator. If we get 11 people (which is ideal) everyone gets four players (two from each side). If there are some left over they will be assigned to Riggins or swingpanzee, whoever is deemed more worthy.

I am in.

Cheers for n00fers for running this btw, very good of him.


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This is your game m8.

Also if there are more than 11 in (unlikely I suppose) I guess you'll have to number it 1-44.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Benchy you know your thread is on its last legs when even Spikey hasn't posted in it.


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Need four more. Where's Brumbeh the ****. Gets all up I'm people's grill about not tipping, fails to tip himself and now doesn't enter this.

Been far from a golden summer for him.


Y no Afghanistan flag

1 Bench
2 Sledge
3 Nuf
4 dude
5 derm
6 morg
7 burg

Waiting on:
8 spike
9 brum
10 loko
11 jon


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can confirm all those people plus the tory crew of howardj, redbacks & pews are in


International Vice-Captain
**** by the time this **** goes past the shops and gets a zinger pie the flag will be back in freo