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NFL / NCAA Football


Hall of Fame Member
First Saturday of College Football season today, watching Florida stumble to a win against Miami (OH) at the moment, got UConn @ Michigan for the first game at the even Bigger House in few minutes, and then TCU vs Oregon State and LSU vs UNC later, with UNC annihilated by suspensions. Boise State play Virginia Tech on Monday night.

Then the greatest league in the world starts again on Thursday, before kicking off properly next Sunday. :wub:


International Debutant
Boise State to **** up VT. Want them to finally play in the NCG.

Also San Diego to **** **** up in the NFL.


Have a bet on Dolphins to make play offs this year. Ronnie Brown better not get crocked early on again, WAG.


State Regular
Hm, I don't even remember if that play in the Dolphins-Saints.gif would be called a touchdown.

And no CFL? Disgusting.


Global Moderator
Former Collingwood player Chris Bryan becomes the fourth former AFL player to get a gig as a punter in the NFL, been picked up by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers (I think they're called). Unlike Ben Graham and Sav Rocca, Bryan was a spud as a player, but he did kick it a long way, so will be interesting to see how he goes.


Being a punter in the NFL would be such a sweet gig. Don't get paid nearly as much as most of the rest of the team, but hardly take any hits and if you're any good you can make a very long career out of it, as far as pro sportsmen go anyway.


Oh yeah indeed, they're still earning more than people in most other jobs. No job security, but if you're any good then you'd have a nice long career unless you were unfortunate enough to take a bad injury or whatever, but you could say that about any sport. Wish I was an NFL kicker tbh. :ph34r:

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
Relatively unexciting game to kick-off the season. Favre looked rusty, Brees was too conservative in his passing and Peterson had few scintillating runs.

Great to have the new season back though. Looking forward to Ravens v Jets on Monday.