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New Zealand Thread


Hall of Fame Member
Revised team, based on PEWS's simming schedule.

1. Son of Mike 5181 (RHB)+
2. Son of StrawMan (LHB Very aggressive)
3. Son of Hurricane (right hand bat)
4. Son of NZT (right hand bat)
5. Son of Athlai (RHB + Medium pace)
6. Son of Raghav (RHB)
7. Son of Somerset (Allrounder Right arm fast medium)
8. Son of James (Right arm Fast)
9. Son of Voltman (right arm leg spin)
10. Son of Heath (right arm fast)
11. Son of Flem274* (leg break)

straw man

International Coach
Keep coming to this thread expecting to see that I scored a scintillating 17(12) in a NZ victory while I was asleep. And am disappointed. Must be a highly localised rain cloud camped over PEWS' house.

Hope Somerset, Voltman and James are all good with the bat - at 7,8 & 9 in a NZ team we're all looking at you for the runs. Go win me my pay packet :)


Hall of Fame Member
I think if this ever happens, we will be a bowling side. The simulation is based on your post count and most of our heavy hitters (with the exception of Athlai) are in the bowling.

Reckon that means we should bat first and do our major skill second when the pressure is on. Not that the simulation game will factor that in.