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New Zealand Test opener


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Fleming says he is willing to open in tests for the kiwis.

Other options as we know are Sinclair, Papps. There might some others as well.

Whom would you chose? I would give Sinclair a go and see from there..


International Coach
papps will obviously be one of them. the question is who is the other. sinclair IMO is not good enough, and while i dont think fleming is best utilised at the top, it appears that he is the only option.


Hall of Fame Member
I would have liked to see How have a go against Sri Lanka, but we shouldn't blood him against the Aussies.

My guess is that they are going to go for Papps and Sinclair.


International Regular
fleming and papps opening with sinclair at three is the combination i would like to see

Will Scarlet

U19 Debutant
Fleming and How, with Sinclair at #3.

I know people think bringing in a new opener against AUS is a not great idea but it's not as though Papps has much international experience, and How is in better form. Though I believe both How and Papps deserve a chance.

Fleming opening also creates the opportunity of bringing in a middle order batsman such as Fulton if Styris' form continues to slide.


Cricketer Of The Year
Should Sinclair bat anywhere in the top six? He has been found out repeatedly, especially at the top.

thierry henry

International Captain
Sinclair has only been "found out" to the extent that he is pretty much a run of the mill batsman by NZ standards, certainly not the worst.

cricket player

International Debutant
lets see his test match stats(sinclair)

(including 26/11/2004)
M I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St
Batting & Fielding 25 42 5 1365 214 36.89 43.79 3 4 22 0

That is not bad


International Regular
it was funny on cricket company tonight, first there was an interview with jamie how and jacob oram who was talking him up and saying how he wants him in the test team, then they had and interview with michael papps and then chris cairns talking him up saying how he should be the test opener

Loony BoB

International Captain
I wish they played NZ vs. NZ 'A' games, three a year or something... would give a nice test for just how deserving some of the oldies and newcomers are.

I'd put in How and Sinclair or Fleming and Sinclair. I would say Papps, but there's just something about him that really doesn't seem to appeal to me, I just get the feeling that he won't perform regularly and will end up averaging quite low.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Gotta say I prefer this most.
Two openers to open the batting... not an opener and a number-three, or two number-threes (Fleming and Sinclair).