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Name Edit thread

Mr Mxyzptlk

Request Your Custom Title Now!
Many people were asking for their middle syllables to be corrected in the sim. I'd like those people to state those requests here for ease of editing come season start.

MJC Currie ---> MJ Currie
AA Arnold ---> AR Arnold
MR Reddlapalli ---> M Reddlapalli
RD Dunn ---> RG Dunn
A Crampton ---> AJ Crampton
JB Malthus-Howell ---> JB Malthus
MS Smith ---> MJ Smith
ZR Ritchie ---> ZJ Ritchie
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So far its been MR Reddlapalli, i want it to be changed to M Reddlapalli. Thank you camps.

Edit: Reddlapalli being the last name offcourse :p
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hehe amazed at how many people stuffed up the middle initial yet nobody said anything about it...

as stated in the blue thread, I would appreciate a change to MJ Currie