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Kyle Jamieson vs. Axar Patel

Whose bowling average you want more to come down to the ground?

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Hall of Fame Member
Whose bowling average you want more to come down to the ground i.e. get ruined.
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International Captain
It's a treat to watch bowlers like Jamieson in action, I would love to see him have a long and impressive career and be the modern day Ambrose.

Axar Patel kinda bowlers are meh.


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Semi-serious poll aside, this thread can be used for discussing these 2 bowlers with incredible averages (so far) and make bets who will finish where in 5 years time etc.


Cricketer Of The Year
Definitely Jenna. He has proved now that he can bowl on flat non helpful wickets too. I can't see axar doing much out side SC in general


Cricketer Of The Year
Would like both to maintain this average as much as possible.

While it is impossible to maintain this average, there is a good chance for both to be sub-20. With Ash and Jaddu there, it is difficult for Axar to get a chance unless the pitch spins. Jamieson is quality on the NZ pitches too and now doing well in SC.


I definitely want Axar to have a totally meme career where he only ever plays at home on helpful tracks as a third spinner and averages <20.
There's a lot of horses for courses quietly happening atm and it's going to make for some funny arguments in 45 years. I suppose by then people will accept in the 10s and 20s it was bowling squads, not first eleven starters, that made your side world class.