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Jimmy Anderson v Matthew Hoggard; in perfect swing bowling conditions

Who is the better bowler in swinging conditions?

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That match is a great example of why 100s in a winning cause is a rubbish stat.

Strauss tonned up twice but his bowlers couldn't seal the deal, and for some reason he's to be penalised for that.
The inverse of that is Headingley '81. Botham just had a hit and then Willis won the match. If he hadn't that innings would've been a footnote.


Norwood's on Fire
The inverse of that is Headingley '81. Botham just had a hit and then Willis won the match. If he hadn't that innings would've been a footnote.
And if he hadn't hit that innings, Willis would have had nothing to bowl to (in fact we'd have lost by an innings).

I've never bought into the 'bowlers win matches' theory, all team sports fundamentally change if you replace individual performances and that's why they are team sports. Cricket stands pretty much alone in individual contributions being so heavily grounded in fact, but even then a basic understanding of the sport tells you it's not that simple. Ben Stokes played THAT innings last year but it too would have been a footnote had Jack Leach got out.


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Sehwag's knock was the one that brought India back into the game. By scoring so fast, he made sure that there were only 250 (still plenty) runs to get on day 5, and also, England would have that many less runs to play with once the 2nd new ball was taken. Not many would have given India more than a 10-20% chance to score 387 at the start of the innings. Once Sehwag had done his thing, even though he was dismissed by the end of the day, we had a much more realistic chance.


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Given the context, that is definitely one of the best <100 knocks ever. Laxman's 70-odd in Mohali in 2010 was also brilliant.


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You can't really compare but both were perfect for their respective situations. Sehwag could not have done what Laxman did, and vice versa.


International Vice-Captain
Hoggard at Christchurch 2002 was about as good a swing bowling display as I've ever seen. Had it on a swing, big late hooping outswingers and got a few guys with the one that held its line as well.

Having said that, Anderson goes both ways at will. Not sure it's appreciated how hard it is to swing a new ball both ways, and for it not to be incredibly detectable.