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Jacques Kallis vs Steve Waugh

Who was the greater test batsman?

  • Jacques Kallis

    Votes: 33 61.1%
  • Steve Waugh

    Votes: 21 38.9%

  • Total voters


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Not NZ I think.

My numbers suggest 31, 30, 27 and 29 in each innings respectively. Odd.
I would hazard a theory, might be rubbish, that these numbers don't necessarily indicate that 4th innings is easier to bat, but that 4th innings sees more conservative batting that bumps the average up compared to the 3rd.

Also 3rd innings would see more declarations and less tail enders batting than 4th, maybe?


International Debutant
Surely the average for 4th innings would be the lowest in nearly every country though
I was thinking about comparing the average 4th innings RPW in England to the one in NZ/Aus/India/etc. As in which one is the highest and lowest and so on.