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"It's in the air""and safe""and out!"


State Vice-Captain
Just remembered another great glitchy bit of commentary:

"Theres runs here" "trouble here" "that was a suicidal runout"


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Treximus said:
I remeber such greats as:

'Matambanadzo steaming in once more'

and Boycott saying something like his gran could bowl better than that.
"Palframan steaming in once more"

After that I made a habit of renaming all talented fast bowlers in ICC to palframan.

Top Thread! :D


International Regular
Cricket 2004:

"You had a look at the pitch a little earlier Jim, how was it??"

"Thanks Richie.
Back to you, Richie" 8-)


U19 12th Man
EA Sports Cricket 2004

"The fielder just watched it, going going going"
"It had snow on it by the time it came down"

EA Sports Cricket 2002

"Kal-a-wit-a-ran-ah (Kaluwitharana) will open the bowling for Sri Lanka"

SW/BL Cricket 99'

"Great shot, right out of the coaching manual"
"Sidhu is off the mark"


Rohan 1000

Cricket Spectator
membersstand said:
Let's hope for the return of this much-loved glitch.

And a few good (and well-remembered) lines:
You can't afford to berl at 'im there
Australia have won the toss and elected to bat. We'll see if that was the right decision, as the match wears on.
Thut was an easy decision for the oompire. (it) would've hit all three stoomps, 'alf way up.
is the commentary that bad is there another place where you can get pictures of the game