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IPL - quick poll

which of these teams will NOT make it to the semis

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With KKR almost out of reckoning for a berth in the semis, it leaves 5 teams to fight it out for the last four berths, i.e.

1. Delhi - Daredevils
2. Chennai - Superkings
3. Mohali - Kings 11 Punjab
4. Jaipur - Rajasthan Royals
5. Mumbai - Mumbai Indians

So the Q is which one of the 5 teams above WON'T make it to the semis?

The other Q is which two teams would you like to see OR think that will be in the final?


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miss out from the semis berth ----> Delhi

choice for the final ----> RR [Jaipur] vs MI [Mumbai]


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Mohali makes it today, I guess, while Chennai is looking good against B'lore now

that will probably make it a 2 way race against Mumbai and Delhi and their game on 24th should be a cracker


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with B'lore upsetting Chennai, the race for the semis opens up

i guess now Kol, Mum, Del and Chen all have the opportunity to make it to the last four!

Hybad and B'lore would be extremely dangerous now as they have noting to lose and may upset the plans of a team or two

appears as if I started this thread a little early :p
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with the Kol vs Del game getting washed out .... Kol is out of it

now it's amongst Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai .... Mohali looks comfortable atm, Jaipur has qualified

Mumbai vs Delhi is the game though, if Delhi loses then the other four teams qualify automatically