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India Thread


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Definitely agree.

So what's our proccess of being the captain?

Since it's under SRK's managment shouldn't we have a batting captain, fielding captain and bowling captain and maybe something else more inventive?


Whatever it takes!!!
And while you guys decide on who should be what captain, I will ensure our sheer-awesomeness by being vice-captain to all of them.. :p

Wicket keepers make the best vice-captains, ya' all.. :dry:


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My bowling partner for Captain (In case captain gets to choose the pitch type heh)


Cricketer Of The Year
Turbinator for captain!
My bowling partner for Captain (In case captain gets to choose the pitch type heh)
Haha, I'm flattered guys. :)

i have put one.. since no body has done it so far..but any one is welcome to bring about any change :)
I am very happy with the lineup/tactics you've put up, good work BI and thanks for taking the initiative to post it.

As far as captaincy goes, I suggest let's be a bit different and take a risk. Rather than have one leader, let's focus on a collaborative effort. Let's take a more spontaneous and innovative route. Especially since we're unable to reach a consensus on who should take over captaincy. We're all intelligent, naturally talented cricketers, and if we can focus on collaborating and receiving input in regards to team composition and tactics from all of us, and then have one person collect our inputs and apply it, we'll certainly be able to catch the opposition by surprise with our team unity and respect for each other.

And some players of the team are yet to check-in, I'd certainly like to see each and every one of us get behind our team as we near our first game. Let's not forget this is India we're talking about, a team many of us are very fortunate to be a part of considering the large number of players that turned up for try-outs. We're the best of the lot, the cream of the crop. Let's represent our nation proudly. Inch by inch, we'll drive them hard, we'll take them down. Let's rip apart the opposition, I ask for a ruthless approach from each and every one of us. Blood by blood, sweat by sweat, we'll establish our dominance on our path to victory. They try and get even an inch on us, I want each and every one of us to defend that inch as if our lives depended on it. Let's get behind every player, respect each other, and back each other. We work hard as a team, we win as a team, and we rejoice as a team. Let's go out there and ensure that each and every one of these teams remembers the year they played the Indians.

Let's do this boys, let's win it!

I am an Indian born!
I am an Indian bred!
And till I die
I am an Indian lad!