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ICC3 Impressions/Discussion/Whatever


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Gun players in ICC3? Adil Rashid for Yorkshire. Has taken several bags of 6/7-fer and can bat. I remember that Samaraweera bloke was a banker in ICC2002. Rashid is gun in ICC3. Any others?

The Aussie bowlers suck, however.


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Peter Fulton. Has scored bucketloads for me for NZ. Averages over 60 in ODI's and mid fifties in tests.
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I have noticed in general that batsman are particularly vulnerable at the start of sessions on the PC. This often coincides with several boundaries even if the agression of batsmen is low.
Likely beacuse the AI bowlers are going very aggressive at the start of sessions, leading to lots of wickets and/or boundaries.


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Check this guy out. I got him from my youth system. Turned 20 this year :cool: and averaging 42 in FC in his debut season (17 in OD though :( )



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Just won the world cup with australia, into the first test series v sri lanka and first test i got pumped. i lost brett lee 60 overs in and he got injured however sri lanka hit 5 dec 610 and they rolled us for 258 and 240 with murrali taking plenty. 2nd test was a draw with the boys gaining some creditability back but terrible start for the test arena...........next test series is india. will keep ya posted, wont be easy!


the aussie bowlers are waaay too weak on icc3 imo, they often go for loads of runs, and get few wickets, whereas spinners are still more effective than they should be...


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Throw in the fact that Sri Lanka at home have proven to be nigh on unbeatable in ICC 3 (for me anyway).


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Thanks :)

My tactics are go all out aggression (minus two bars) for the top four batsman in ODIs. Play 9 players who are good batsman/allrounders and pick two front-line bowlers. I'm almost always 120 odd after 13-14 overs. 4 down mostly though but have the great start and then score 4-5 an over from that point onwards.

In Tests, I go as defensive as possible for the first 20 overs and then take it from there slowly upping the aggression levels as I go. Find it mostly works really well.


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The Greatest Test Match Ever, and two ridiculous performances

Ive decided I may as well post four particular screens I find really enjoyable*, for notable reasons.
Firstly, these first two are absolutely epic in scope. Defeating Sri Lanka by two runs, in Sri Lanka, with one ball left in the final day's play was astonishing, especially considering that they were 1/100, then 2/218... Razzak and Al zabir totally came through for me, tho it was actually Rafique who took the first two wickets to keep us slightly in the game.
Unbelievable stuff.


Now here's something a little random which happened to me during the 20Twenty Cup in 2008. Keep in mind that Ive never, ever seen an innings like this before, and bloody Loye almost totally sunk my Derbyshire team by himself. Was so unbelievably happy when my main man, Manjural Islam, finally sent the tonker back. Ive never been so astonished in my whole ICC career.
Two screens: Loye's innings (damn him), and Manjural Islam - took most of my money, but boy, was he worth it.


* Except that one of Loye. :laugh:


International Coach
Loye = legend. Still part of my England set up in the winter of season 2, not that being Lancs coach makes me a bit biased mind.....


has there been a patch released so that whilst being coach of england, players actually play for their domestic teams? not played it for a while...