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ICC3 Impressions/Discussion/Whatever


International Captain
Love it so far, the highlights are gun, actually watch them now. Ball travels too fast to the boundary, though. Stats are from before the world cup, but that's no big deal.

Downloadable 2-day trail.
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International Captain
Played my first innings this morning - 7/313 from 50o vs. Scotland, not one six :(. Love it so much so far though, avoided going out tonight so I could stay home and play.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
It really ****s me how they've had this problem of a lack of sixes for five years and still done nothing about it.

Still, I love it.


U19 Debutant
One of the best updates in years. The option to play as a county and ANY international side is great. My problem is my computer with the graphics not quite right (the bat, ball, wickets and crowd are all black? Graphics card I believe).

Played only a few games with Australia and Somerset and no real problems whatsoever. Still seems to be consistent results in which there is no ridiculous outcomes.

Only issue is the future player names. There used to be files that you could change the first and surnames of players. Minor thing but I can't find them.

Overall, not bad, actually very good.


U19 Cricketer
I'm really impressed. Gameplay is good, and I feel a lot more involved than previous versions...

Lets hope it has some longevity!


International Captain
Pretty decent win, thought I was gone after needing about 90 to win when my 9th wicket fell.



Hall of Fame Member
Brilliant century from Knight in WC99 with everyone falling around him. Very tricky vs Donald and Pollock, trés realistique :happy:



Hall of Fame Member
Just had twin centuries at more than a run a ball. One six between them - and that was the only six in the score of 339/4


3rd Umpire
The LBW decisions are far too dodgy, both not outs and outs.
I realise there need to be some incorrect decisions given by the umpires, but there are far too many errors at present.

Spinners no longer dominate from what I can tell.

OD tactics that were successful in previous versions still seem to work the same.
Haven't tried FC yet.

When a bowler has an appeal turned down, the screen shows the umpire shaking his head, then when goes back to bowler for reaction, it's a different bowler shown.

All in all seems a big improvement all round, both graphics and AI.


Hall of Fame Member
Dave Mohammed just took 11 wickets in a test match, which, incidently was a great one. I may dig the Great Test Matches Thread out for it...


Cricketer Of The Year
Played for a few hours, very pleased with the new game. Obviously there are a few flaws but I overall I think its well worth purchasing.

One question though, is it just me or when you provide your email address in the online game details screen does the @ not want to appear?