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I recently got this can any tell me the signatures on cricket bat please, thanks.


State Vice-Captain
Imran Khan has had a lot of variations in his signature over the years. The one between Hadlee and Holding has similarities with some of those. I wouldn't be confident about identifying it as his, though.


International Vice-Captain
Considering those signatures must have been done around the 1970s/80s they've kept their condition well.

Usually they fade with time.


State Vice-Captain
Had some last looks and here goes:

1. Definitely Geoff Boycott
2. Definitely Ian Chappell
3. Almost certainly Clive Lloyd. Did his surname fairly abstractly but always similarly and the forename is good.
4. A struggle but I'm wondering if this is Kapil Dev. Most of his early signatures were a bit unusual and there are some similarities in style with other early Kapil signatures. I'm a long way off confident though and this would need to be checked out by an expert.
5. The only vague possibility I could find here was Lance Gibbs. He had a lot of variations in signature over the years. The problems here, however, are that I can only find the odd occasion he performed a downward flourish at the end and it didn't look similar to this, and at the beginning the downward flourish is generally rounded without a point at the bottom. The middle does look good though. Again far from confident.
6. Obviously Tony Greig.
7. Obviously fkfgfghjfjhd i.e. I have no clue.
8. Definitely Richard Hadlee.
9. My favourite curiosity amongst these signatures. I've already suggested Imran for this and he was known to play around with his signature a lot. I can't find a single signature that looks similar to the whole of this one but can find a fair few with individual parts that are similar to their respective individual parts in this one. Not confident but slightly less unconfident than in 4 or 5.
10. Definitely Michael Holding.
11. Definitely Bob Willis.
12. No idea.
13. There are similarities with this and other Sarfraz Nawaz signatures. The first bit is a lot more squished up here and the squiggles don't last as long as other signatures. It's possible this is him but it could well be him signing in a hurry.
14. Confident this is Stackpole. It's messier than a lot of his signatures but the key elements are there.

IMO even just the signatures I'm confident on plus the quality of the condition means this is probably worth a fair bit. It could be worthwhile taking it to a cricketana specialist to try and identify the signatures I can't identify/be confident on and, in the process also get a valuation.


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I think the signature below Tony Greig's might be Richie Benaud. In fact, pretty sure it is from the way the "B" is written