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I Finally Made it !


Cricket Web XI Moderator
I finally got my chance

after years of working hard and practising and still getting good figures , my coach in the old school over looked me maybe because he was a racist , because thats what the word went around inn my school at that time , i used to get figures of 4-20 5-36 and my avg never went above 12 in a season!
that was 2 years ago , and i kept doing well everytime and yet i didnt make the Colts side for my school... yet 2 spots were given to 2 tennis players who didnt play cricket at all that season but had some prior knowledge..
I was confused i was sent to the best school down south , i did very well with off spin bowling and had an avg of 25 with bat for a middle/lower order batsmen..

Finally i came up to auckland ! and i got into club cricket and made 1st eleven for my school ! i was glad i was still carrying around the good form i had .. and after 1 season of club that ended around march 2003 , i got called up for North Harbour Under 17's Trials

and 2 days ago i got a call saying they were really impressed by what they had seen and never seen a young off spinner show so much promise.. And i had made N.Harbour Under 17 Dev Squad which over the winter you have winter trainings and from that you are divided into N.Harbour A squad and N.Harbour B squad

N.Harbour in new zealand is kinda like a step below our county .. eg below playing for Auckland Cricket..

And i get the opportunity to better my skills and train with A level coaches and Black Caps like L.Vincent , K.Mills , B.Walker , A.Parore, D.Nash, J.Mills ( who is our head coach ) M Richardson , M Horne and many others !!

Im so glad i finally made it into a Rep side and thank god.. im just going to keep workin harder to be New Zealands best off spinner :D which we need one !!


Cricket Web Staff Member
Well done.

Now my piece of advice - listen to EVERYTHING your coaches say.

Set your sights high - settle for nothing less than being the best. Practice until your fingers bleed, then wipe the blood off and practice some more.


State Vice-Captain
well done and give it your best shot, then you can't say later "I wish I had done that better".

All the best

V Reddy

International Debutant
chris.hinton said:
well done, prove that coach wrong
I think he already did it. But it would be great if he could make it to state team then it would be " A state player couldn't make a school first IX " and then it could be serious problems for the old coach :lol: :wow: . After then with a bit of luck and some good performances and some hard work and you never know with NZ only having 1 real good spinner


International Debutant
Congrats mate and well done...

Time to make that coach eat humble pie for not selecting you in his team!

Good luck mate!:D :D


State Regular
lord_of_darkness said:

Im so glad i finally made it into a Rep side and thank god.. im just going to keep workin harder to be New Zealands best off spinner :D which we need one !!

Amen to that !:D