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Hole in bottom of bat?

Londoner Cricketboy

Cricket Spectator
Morning Cricketers!

I've purchased a new bat from an online store for my son before he goes away on a cricket tour next week to South Africa.

However, I've noticed that there is a small hole in the bottom of the bat - it looks pre-drilled but could also be natural - the question of the day is: Does this look right and will it affect the performance? ie will it effect the integrity of the bat.





International Coach
Well in the bat there was a hole,
A rare hole and a rattlin' hole,

The hole is normal, Rob. It's there because the thread on handles is wound around with the help of a machine. It's created to fix up the bat to the machine while the thread is wound around. To answer your main question, it will not affect performance.


Yeah it's unlikely to affect the bat's performance, but if you're not happy with it for whatever reason ask for it to be replaced/refunded. If you bought it online you have an absolute right to do that, no questions asked.


U19 Captain
must be a new thing mind, don't recall having owned or seen a bat with a hole in it - has been a few years, and not many bats (owned) mind

you'd think for the cost of them the hole would be small and filled but hey ho Flint, or maybe it fell out or they forgot