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First Class Warm Up Series


Cricketer Of The Year
Well i've run a series of Warm Up games for the First Class Competition...

Each Team has played 8 games...

I hope this gives you all some idea of your squads..

If you have any questions or comments please raise them..
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Not bad for Eagles, lost heavily a few times to HBL, but they are in the league above. Managed to look ok against Guyana who are in our league. Kallis scoring fa runs isn't good though. Telamuchus looks like the don

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Qld didn't do as well as expected winning only 3 games out of the 8. It is noted that there would be 2 changes to the lineups that played the trial games. The batting of the allrounders Symonds and Watson was a highlight.


State Regular
4 wins 4 losses pretty reasonable results there. Pieterson looks good with the bat where as Tudor appears strong with the ball.


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Reasonable for Delhi, won quite easily a few times but struggled in some others, im still pretty confident for the season...


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Pretty good performances, but we need some more batsmen if we going to give the comp a real challenge.


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One win for Nondescripts. Batting looks atrocious really, no other word for it. The batsmen really let down the bowlers, who look the goods. Bowling out NSW for 88 was definetely the highlight.


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The form of Beau Casson with bat and ball is pleasing.

Overall not too disappointed, only dropped the odd game.