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Fantasy Cricket Twenty20 World Cup 2012 Men and Women


Cricket Web Owner
The Fantasy Cricket competition for the Twenty20 World Cup 2012 has been created and is ready for the entry of your team.

We are bringing to you the Men's and Women's World Cups. The Men's starts on 18th September and finishes on 7th October while the Women's starts on 26th September and finishes on 7th October.

For those of you that are new to the Fantasy Cricket concept, we would suggest you have a read through our Game Guide which explains everything to you. Remember once you create a team, you can even create your own mini competition exclusive to friends and family!

Once you are ready to go, head on in and Register and don't forget it costs you absolutely nothing! If you have registered in the past for Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket or Cricket Web CW Games, you can login to your account through the Fantasy Cricket frontpage.

Specific Details about the Competitions

* Free no cost modifications until they start.

* 100 modifications for the Men and 60 modifications for the Women allowed once the competition starts

* A captaincy change will cost 5 modifications for both competitions. As explained on the Game Guide page, your captain earns you double points, but you also lose double points.

* Details on how you score points can be found on the Points Summary page.

If you have any questions please feel free to lodge a support ticket.