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England players and selection discussion thread


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Archer getting overs under his belt, so far 19.0. Stone 9.3. Don't think Stone will get a chance in the ODIs - Woakes Topley Archer Curran Ali Rashid. Reserves Willey, Stone
Yeah probably not, but remember how fragile all our bowlers seem to be, I see Jove has another stress fracture, doomed to be a very interesting looking one-cap wonder.


International Debutant
Yeah probably not, but remember how fragile all our bowlers seem to be, I see Jove has another stress fracture, doomed to be a very interesting looking one-cap wonder.
Well they took JOverton to Pakistan. I remember seeing him pull up in a Surrey game clutching his back and coming back later to bowl. Surely they should have checked him out then.

Headlines Overton set to miss Ashes with a stress fracture.

Here are the bowlers ahead of him
1Anderson 2Broad 3Robinson 4Archer 5Stokes 6Wood 7Potts 8Woakes 9Curran 10Mahmood 11Stone 12C Overton 13 JOverton 14Fisher


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Kinda amazed at how many England players are doing the franchise fandango in either SA or the UAE.

SAT20 (runs) - Buttler and Jacks the 1st and 3rd placed run scorers at the time of writing
SAT20 (wickets)

ILT20 (runs) - Hales and Vince the two top scorers in the competition right now

ILT20 (wickets) - Jordan is the top wicket taker, Woakes is 4th.


International Captain
I'm just hopeful that england persist with duckett if his numbers are a bit iffy this coming ashes. If he can come out of that series averaging 30+ england have got their first long term opener since cook. Batting in england is EXTREMELY hard, especially last summer, think the agregrate average for the touring openers+england openers was 27 or something around their, and their was some phenomenal modern openers in their like latham, elgar who both struggled.

Duckett got booted from the side initially because he couldn't play spin and I think he showed in pak that he's massively improved his game vs it, if he can do moderately well vs Aus's pace attack in english conditions I have high hopes for an england opener for the first time in a LONG time.


International Vice-Captain
His game isn't that different vs spin imo to what it was first time around. Just he was facing Ashwin on tough wickets and was less confident of his ability and the approach he should take. This time around he certainly benefits from the Stokes/Mcullum mantra of super aggression because that's basically Duxketts games against spin. He's a bit more solid defensively and as you'd hope knows his game a bit better but imo he's essentially the same type of player - just now he can be supper aggro without people claiming that this isn't proper test match batting (as they did after his maiden test 50 vs Bangladesh in that last innings runchase on a wicket turning a lot).

Tbh I think he will struggle badly against Aus at home and anywhere where it bounce s regularly over stump high but I hope I'm wrong.
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'Ollie Robinson appeared to be suffering from calf and shin stiffness towards the end of this first Test but Stokes intimated he will pick an unchanged team for the second Test in Wellington that begins on Thursday night when he added: 'There will be a few days to see how everyone pulls up. If everyone is fresh as a daisy I can't see anything changing.'

That must be why Robinson didn't bowl on the last day.

Foakes seems a reliable batsman in this baz ball time and I think he should stay when Bairstow comes back. Crawley to be dropped like the catches he misses.


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Sacrificing Leach's batting by dumping it into an opening slot, just to let a specialist batsman make runs at #7 or #8, would be fairly analogous to what they did with his bowling in Pakistan


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Stokes, Broad or Leach to open the batting?
I can genuinely see Stokes giving it a go, he's quite technically good when he wants to be.

I am interested that the Kiwis are going with no spinner, think Ollies injury means we almost certainly won't do that, but I think I'd be temped with Potts and Stone over Leach and Robinson.Oh and drop crawley for anyone obvs.


U19 Vice-Captain
Stokes, Broad or Leach to open the batting?
Part of me loves the idea of Stokes as an opener and part of me feels it's a walking wicket.

He's proven over the years he is capable of batting conservatively to get his eye in and that makes me think it's a good fit.

On the other hand, if he wants a century by lunch there is a high probability of throwing away his wicket.

We all know they'll try and stick with Crawley even when YJB is back in the fold though, don't we?


International Captain
We all know they'll try and stick with Crawley even when YJB is back in the fold though, don't we?
Unless he continues to make single figure scores and drop catches, then Foakes is almost certainly the fall guy and YJB gets the gloves.


State Vice-Captain
When YJB returns it would be really harsh to drop Foakes.

Also would Bairstow's form drop off if he has to keep and certainly his influence would be curtailed as he'd probably bat at 7 rather than 4 or 5.

I think Crawley will go and Pope will open so the top 7 would be:


The other issue is who bats at 8.
Robinson is the best batsman of our bowlers but it feels a spot to high at 8.

If Woakes comes back into the side for The Ashes or Moeen is recalled then they'd bat at 8, otherwise we do have a bit of a tail with Robinson, Broad, Leach and Jimmy.

If Robinson doesn't play for Wood or Archer, the tail is even longer.


International Captain
was he rested or just unfit? think he wasn’t fit to play the 1st test at the least
He had the stomach bug and wasn't fit for the First Test, but he was for the 2nd yet they kept Pope with the gloves. If Crawley gets runs in the 2nd Test here he won't be dropped for the summer. Maybe Pope could be susceptible, his average is still low 30's. The one batsman who is now totally safe is the man who replaced Bairstow.