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Does Zimbabwe have a head start?


State Captain
This world cup will possibly be the last for alot of great players....Pollock, McGrath, Lara, Gilly, Sachin and Inzy etc...Zimbabwe has already lost all it's players atleast the top 15 or 20.....so when other teams like aus have to adjust after the world cup then when alot its players retire...most of zimbabwe's players are 20-24 so they'll playing with each other for atleast 10 years while other teams will lose its senior players...so does this give zimb a little bit of head start for the future.... looking ahead to the '11 world cup? with the experience the young players will get playing with each other....or is zimbabwe still going to be behind?


The Wheel is Forever
I second Neil's comment. If they had any real test class players, then you would be right. But they don't.


International Regular
Tbf, how do you know your team doesn't have any Test class players if they're all under 21? I'd say that one or two of the current lot will show to be pretty good, but they'll get dropped when they make excessive demands, like you know to get paid.