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Does the RWC have too many teams?


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If you had 5 groups of 4 you could use the Champions Cup format where the group winners and three best 2nd place teams qualify.

I think rugby has a more defined top 10 than a top 8 right now so the groups might be a bit more fair this way too.

But I’m fine with the format as it is.


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I mean the EPL doesn't have half of its match ups being affairs were one team wins 1% of the time. Rugby is a game where a large margin of quality is felt even more IMO. Perhaps its the physicality and the number of players on the field. We'd probably see the same with gridiron if anyone besides the Yanks tried to competitively play it.
Yeah this is definitely true. Though tbf that also makes the 1% pretty special.

It's definitely about finding a balance. I was the chief moaner when Bangladesh were having more and more games scheduled after losing 60 tests in a row. But I think rugby mostly has it about right. It's interesting to see where these countries are at once every four years. And you don't get many chances to make national headlines in Uruguay.