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Devil Duckys World Cup Essentials


Eyes not spreadsheets
I get the feeling that the Duck will make WC03 an even more enjoyable experience than it would have been!


U19 Captain
Hi duckie, I see you are finally out the closet Luckyeddie locked youin for the last four months.....good to see you back.


Cricket Web Staff Member

10 February, Zimbabwe v Namibia, Harare

Riann Walters (Namibia)

Taking advantage of the first 15 over bowling restrictions and chasing a formidable 341 to win, Riann cleverly steered the first ball from Heath Streak straight into the gloves of wicket keeper Tatenda 'Tibbly' Taibu to register the tournaments first golden duck.
DD rating - 6 lilypads

Breadcrumb moment - Andy Flower and Henry Olonga (Zimbabwe)

Both players, wearing black armbands during the whole of the World Cup, have issued a joint statement that they were making a 'silent protest, mourning the death of democracy in Zimbabwe'. As the statement continues, let's hope that your actions .... "may help to restore sanity and dignity to our Nation"

Puts the whole World Cup into perspective, really.

Breadcrumb moment - Andries Johannes (Jan-Berrie) Burger (Namibia)

The beefy Burger, his team in a pickle, deciding that the bowling of the Zimbabwean side is to his taste, grills Streak (surely a typo - should be Steak, really) and Olonga with relish. Unfortunately, with a few notable exceptions (15 from one Heath Streak over) it doesn't last long. He'll be panned for the hoik to midwicket which led to his dismissal.
His brother is a vegetarian
<Luckyeddie> Who's that?
Cranberry Burger
<Luckyeddie> Says who?
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Cricket Web Staff Member

10 February, Sri Lanka v New Zealand, Bloemfontein

Nathan Astle (New Zealand)

A total brainstorm from Nathan. Last ball of the first over, the hard-hitting Astle decides to pinch a quick single, playing the ball straight back to bowler Chaminda Vaas. No mistake from the Sri Lankan seamer as he throws down the stumps leaving the batsman with nothing but a well-earned 5-ball duck and a 49-over rest in the pavilion to recuperate. I understand that Bloemfontein Brewery has a fine reputation. Perhaps Nathan had been on a visit during the lunch break.
DD rating - 8 lilypads (the early tournament leader and unlikely to be beaten)

Breadcrumb moment - Pulasthi Gunaratne (Sri Lanka)

Scott Styris, eying the vast expanse of the legside field into which he could smash a long-hop from Aravinda de Silva, decides to wake up Pulasthi Gunaratne who was having a quiet snooze on the deep midwicket boundary. Gunaratne decides to show off his all-round ability, combining a little basketball with football as he flicks the ball from hand to head and just fails to convert a four into six. Styris continues his innings to register his first century in one-day internationals and finishes last man out on 141 with lots of filthy slogging and fours and sixes. New Zealand maintain their 100% record in one-day internationals in South Africa. P 13, L 13.

Breadcrumb moment - Jacob Oram (New Zealand)

'The Daily Telegraph'
With Scott Styris batting like a dream, the following conversation is heard....
<Oram> Hey, Murali. I'm giving you the charge next ball.
<Murali> Why?
<Oram> Nathan's getting the beers in and it's hot out here.
<Murali> OK, Jacob. Let me know when. Are you ready, Kumar?
<Sangakkara> Yup!
<Oram> Now!!
<All> Bye!!!!
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International 12th Man
Anna I thought your avatar looked remarkably like Simon Jones myself. Having said that I haven't seen Ian Blackwell so I'll take your word for it. Maybe they just look alike.


International Debutant
woops, i just assumed it was matt bulbeck cos of your sig.

I think another breadcrumb moment could have been Fleming at the toss:
a beautiful batting track that will slow up later on adn take some turn.
Bats first, leaves out vettori and decides to try to out pace the sri lankans, and then, when the pitch is really slow let murali, jayasuriya, arnold and de silva have a bowl...


Cricket Web Staff Member
Sunil Havascar said:
woops, i just assumed it was matt bulbeck cos of your sig.

I think another breadcrumb moment could have been Fleming at the toss:
a beautiful batting track that will slow up later on adn take some turn.
Bats first, leaves out vettori and decides to try to out pace the sri lankans, and then, when the pitch is really slow let murali, jayasuriya, arnold and de silva have a bowl...

Very astute of you, Sunil.

I never knew you had a duck.......
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Cricket Web Staff Member
11 February, Pakistan v Australia, Johannesburg


Damien Martyn (Australia)

Wasim 'Timewarp' Akram, bowling like it was 1993 and not 2003, comes steaming in to the hapless Martyn, who has, from his comfy chair in the pavilion, just watched Matthew Hayden play on. "What a drongo" Damien thinks as he takes guard for his first ball. "You won't catch me doing that...tap tap tap tap ....... Ah spit!!!".
Oops! It was like watching an action replay.
<luckyeddie> Apart from the fact that one was an attacking stroke and one was a defensive one....
Identical - an action replay.
<luckyeddie>... and one was wide and one was straight....
As I said, an action replay.
<luckyeddie>... and one was short and one was full....
Yup - an action replay.
<luckyeddie> and one was a left-hander and one was a right-hander
I'm not convinced. Anyway, Damien was only out of his comfy chair for one ball - that's the point!!!
DD rating - 6 lilypads (3 really, but because it was an action replay I doubled it)
<luckyeddie> I give up - I really do!
Another action replay.

Breadcrumb moment - Waqar Younis (Pakistan)

First ball of the 49th over, Waqar steams in to Andrew Symonds - beamer!!! The centurian takes evasive action before grovelling a couple of byes off the no-ball. Ah well, accidents happen.
Second ball is in the slot, and beautifully caught by the fat old bloke in the stand.
<luckyeddie> I think you're wrong there, DD. That was in the next over when Symonds swatted Wasim into the crowd. This one was flat over long-on and just crossed the rope.
Quiet, LE. It's called 'writers privilege'
<luckyeddie> Writers privilege?
A bit like 'poetic licence'. I'm 'setting the scene'.
<luckyeddie> Yes, but you still have to be accurate.
It's never stopped you in the past. Anyway, next ball, a single. Boo, Symonds is off strike.
Next ball, Brett Lee duly obliges by skying the ball to deep midwicket. Inzy plays his part by pouching the catch - and what a pouch it is nowadays!!!
Symonds back on strike, the ball - right on the money - another beamer!!! Ah well. Accidents happen twice. A bit like running an old lady over on a zebra crossing then reversing back over her to make sure, only this is slightly funnier. Symonds is not happy. The wicket might be comfortable to play shots on, but it's not the greatest of places to have a lie down. Umpire Shep's reaction - "GET OFF!!!". Symonds said "...OFF" as well, but it wasn't "GET...".
Er, someone else (Shahid Afridi actually, but nobody cares) completes the over.
This is such a boring tournament - so many action replays.

Breadcrumb moment - Younis Khan (Pakistan)

With the scoring rate way behind the clock, Younis decides that it's time to start throwing the bat. Brad Hogg bowls him a juicy full toss, the batsman's eyes light up, the ball loops 25 yards to Ricky Ponting at midwicket and the sixth wicket falls. Damien Martyn cleverly fields the bat one-handed on the half-volley at deep backward square leg.

Breadcrumb moment - Glenn McGrath (Australia)

The game's up. With Waqar and Shoaib Akhtar at the wicket and the required run rate astronomical, Glenn McGrath is having forty winks at extra cover. Ian 'Freak' Harvey decides to roll one out of the back of his hand. Waqar, sensing a chance to get the old average up, pounces on the wide half-volley. Glenn twitches and falls full-length to his left. The ball hits his left hand and somehow ends up in his right. The jubilant Australian side walk off the pitch, leaving McGrath, unawares and still asleep, on the edge of the square.
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State Vice-Captain
hmmm well let me add a little consolation for myself there

Losing club

South Africa
New Zealand

semi finalists of the last world cup



International 12th Man
Australia didn't lose though did they?

In fact they...

wait for it.....

this is gonna be good....

Gotchya! :lol: :P


Cricket Web Staff Member
<quack> my game of the tournament so far.

11 February, Bangladesh v Canada, Durban

Nicholas de Groot (Canada)

Leg spinner Sanwar Hossain gets one to grip. Nicky de Groot, attempting to turn the ball on the leg side, gets a regulation leading edge to Alok Kopali at cover. 4 balls, no runs, no problem. A bit boring really. Incidentally, Chumney plays for Canada.
<luckyeddie> Ah, Chumney. That was the name of the little duck that used to walk across the bottom of the screen when a batsman got a blob many years ago, wasn't it?
No, that was Chumley.
<luckyeddie> I look forward to the day when he cross-bats one to fine leg.
Ah, Chumney sweeps. Thanks, LE.
<luckyeddie> Don't mention it. You sure know your ducks, DD.
DD rating - a mere 1 lilypad.

Habibul Bashar (Bangladesh)

Failing to live up to his name, Habibul is not a Bashar at all but a Snickar - straight to keeper Ashish Bagai for an eight ball duck. The jubilant bowler has 'Sanjay' on his back, but only because the Canadian shirt manufacturers didn't have enough letters left to spell out 'Sanjayan' , although the bowler's ample shoulders allowed for plenty of room for his last name - 'Thuraisingam'.
DD rating - 7 lilypads (close, but no cigar).

Tapash Baisya (Bangladesh)

Slip catch practice. A couple of practice swings and then the batsman means business. A waft, a snick and a good, tumbling catch low down by Abdul Sattaur. A delighted, dreadlocked Austin Codrington has claimed his third victim. History beckons as Baisyas valiant rearguard action lasts a creditable eight balls.
DD rating - 4 lilypads

Mashraf Mortoza (Bangladesh)

Codringtons tail is really up. The man is flying. He smells victory. His second ball to Mortaza is a snorter which lifts sharply. The batsman, cagily, pulls his bat away at the last minute - right to where the ball actually is as opposed to where the unfortunate Mortaza merely thinks it is. The dreaded edge, a straightforward chance to Sattaur again and Austin has got his fourth. Nine down, he could taste it!!!
DD rating - 6 lilypads

Breadcrumb moment - Davis Joseph (Canada) - with sincere apologies to all at the Canadian Cricket Association

Our Canadian guest commentator writes : "Holy Cow!!! Davis Joseph delivers his slider over the plate to pinch-hitter Mohammad Al-Sahariar. He attempts to line drive the puck into the bleachers but only succeeds in finding the glove of replacement wide-receiver Abdool Samad and is out for just 9 home bases from 18 touchdown pitches. The look on the face of sticks-minder Ashish Bagai is a joy to behold."

DD writes : It is the first wicket taken by Canada in World Cup cricket since 1979.

Breadcrumb moment - Austin Codrington (Canada)

Final ball of his ninth over and Bangladesh's last hope Mohammad Rafique is facing, desperately seeking a single to retain the strike. A heave across the line and the ball goes up, tiddlyup, up and then down tiddlyown down the throat of John Davison. Hold the ball, throw the ball, grab a stump and leg it. Codrington has taken the last three wickets to fall, ending with figures of 9-3-27-5 (the ninth best figures ever in the history of the World Cup)
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International Vice-Captain
I've lost my avatar:( :( I'm trying to find one of Matt Bulbeck to replace Blackwell:)