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CWXI/CW Development League FAQ

Loony BoB

International Captain
1) How do I sign up?
Through the web page at http://www.cricketweb.net/cwxi/sign.htm. Fill out the form and someone ought to reply with further instructions. A heads up in the Signup Announcements/Introductions thread (or elsewhere in the CW XI subforum) is required in order to be activated for Dev League play.

2) When signing up, do you base your statistics on club scores or can they be completely fictitious?
Normally on club, if you can, but you can make them completely fictitious.

3) Who decides on what is realistic and what isn't?
The simmer, usually Liam (Mr Mxyzptlk) or Samuel_Vimes, will decide that. There is currently limits on sign-ups, but don't worry too much about them.

4) How do you get into a side?
Clubs sign new players in a set draft order. You are also assigned a grade side to play grade cricket, the lower league cricket, whenever your team has a bye or you're not selected in the Dev League side.

5) Who are the CWBCC?
The CWBCC are the Cricket Web Board of Cricket Control, and it is co-headed by Liam (Mr Mxyzptlk) and Håkon (Samuel_Vimes).

6) How do you get into the starting XI for your Dev League team?
Your Dev League team's captain and the CWBCC are the selectors for the CW Dev League teams. Stay active around the forum and you'll likely increase your chances of selection.

7) What's the difference between the CW Dev League and the CW XI?
The CW Development League is effectively CW's domestic competition, while the CW XI is our international team.

8) How do you get into the Cricket Web XI?
You get picked by the CW XI selection panel - at the moment Liam, Samuel Vimes, CW XI captain, PA Rep.

9) How do you develop your skills?
As the Development League and international games go on, you have the opportunity to improve (or worsen) your statistics. These will then be used to sim more games, and so on. After ever season you also gain experience points, added to you simulation data.

10) What is off-season club cricket about?
Between Dev League seasons you will get the opportunity to play club cricket in a variety of countries. Some of these are first-class competitions, and others played at a lesser level. The aim here is to stay involved and active during the offseason, and if you perform well enough, you could improve your simulation data.

11) Are there any specific things one needs to do throughout the games/etc?
Not necessarily. Reactions to the team's and your performance is nice, to show that you're taking an active interest, and players who do not post at all in the forum will be retired.

12) What happens if you are unavailable?
No problem really - just post and tell, if you're worried that it might affect you.

13) What simming program is used?
We have used Internet Test Cricket for first-class cricket since Season 7 of the Dev League (currently in Season 10). Howzat One Day International is used for one-day cricket, but Beach Cricket 2006 may be used in the near future (if Neil Pickup gets his act together). Presently Virtual Cricket 4 is used for Twenty20.

14) Do you have to re-signup every season?
You don't have to sign up again, but if any new stats are introduced (eg, fielding rating was introduced after Season 6), a thread will likely be made and you'll need to post in it. Also, there is an activity check thread before every season; players posting in this thread will be guaranteed of a team in the first quarter of the next season.

This is taken from questions raised by myself and others in the (Season 7) pre-season signup thread in Cricket Chat. I think it should be kept around for anyone who joins this place as, contrary to belief, reading over the existing threads (as many as I did read back when I started posting, which was quite a few) doesn't always answer everyone's questions. This will also help avoid having to repeat yourselves over and over again. :p
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You'll Never Walk Alone
lord_of_darkness said:
Cheers dan.. hopefully people will look at this before starting to make new posts which is the norm...
hehe we`ll see...


Cricket Web Content Updater
How does the aging system work? Is there a set number of seasons before you retire automatically?


Cricket Web XI Moderator
No aging system.. and no forceful retires..

you can however be cut from the sytem aka be retired if you have been inactive for quite a few seasons.. that will be slowly deployed..

Loony BoB

International Captain
And if when someone does it, they can change 'tiem' to 'time' that would be great. Someone can't spell. :unsure:


Seeing as though the basic template is there, it'd probably only take 15 to 20 minutes to edit up to speed. I'd do it but I don't really have enough knowledge of the system [obviously] to do it.

Loony BoB

International Captain
May as well leave it to one of the forum mods, as they can edit my post. I'm guessing Liam or Vimes will end up doing it.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Loony BoB said:
May as well leave it to one of the forum mods, as they can edit my post. I'm guessing Liam or Vimes will end up doing it.

Feel free to raise more questions, I know a few will be needed on grade cricket.


I guess you could just add a 'What is Grade Cricket and what does it do?' question where you just give a basic explanation of it. This post by Andy could probably used, if modded a little bit.