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CW's Ranking of All-Rounders (Tests)


U19 12th Man
This list will combine both batting all rounders and bowling all rounders. With this list, it is up to you decide who you consider an all rounder and how much value you put on each batting and bowling.

The vote for the #1 test all-rounder of all-time begins now.


Cricketer Of The Year
I like that you are not specifying the criteria for allrounder selection and basing it on individual assessment.

To be clear, I am opting for all-rounders based on their overall value to the side rather than on how balanced they are in the separate individual disciplines. So my preference would be for those who are ATG or near level in at least one discipline and then add to it with their other skills.

This way there doesnt have to be a distinction between their ranking as pure allrounders versus their ranking as overall cricketers which can get confusing.
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U19 12th Man
Sobers - 10
Grace - 1
Mascarenhas - 1
Proctor - 1
Miller - 1
Imran - 1

The List
1. Garry Sobers

The vote for the #2 test all-rounder of all-time begins now.