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CW U19 Players

Mr Mxyzptlk

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The CWBCC is fine with Demeza remaining in the post. But if there are serious objections, we will reconsider his position. That said, the U-19 squad needs to be named by Wednesday. Sooner if possible.

Loony BoB

International Captain
If there are other people willing to take up the post that we feel are capable of doing the job, the it would be in the best interests of promoting the CWXI Dev League to get that new person involved. The more people involved in roles, the more likely they are to stay active, the more likely we are to grow as a league, the better we should perform internationally.

If nobody is interested, I don't care, but I understand there are people who would be willing to take the job if it were vacant.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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In the interest of the pre-season not being seriously delayed, I'd seriously like Demeza to serve until next week at the very least.


International Regular
Hrm, in light of the current situation where by Smith will complain if I keep my spot, i'll stand down after the pre-season U/19 squad games are finished.

Hopefully that gives the opportunity for a dedicated person to join Tharmi and Jack and continue the U/19 concept.

Was good fun :)


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i will put my hand up to help. if help is needed. would luv to be part of the board or see cw in another aspect!


Hall of Fame Member
i will put my hand up to help. if help is needed. would luv to be part of the board or see cw in another aspect!
Don't think your allowed to be on the board if your still eligable to play Under 19s TBH.

Considering it is likely Trav is going to be replaced then hopefully he is replaced with someone who isn't currently a selector or anything in the domestic sides. Always better to get someone who currently isn't involved at an admin level for those teams IMO. Plenty of guys around that I reckon could fill this role.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Nick Hancock is pretty good at this kind of stuff. But I think he's AWOL at the moment.

Mork, Gray, Dwyer and Rai are othe potential candidates. Just plucking names out of the air, though.
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Hall of Fame Member
I may be able to do the job for a year until Perm finishes being an U-19, but it'd strictly be a 1 year job.