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CW Premiership Season 2 Results and Discussion


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Goughy, I was just looking at few updated team rosters, have a question from that. Do skill levels that you gain from each game drop at all from one game to another?


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A bit too drunk after mad monday to get a side in. Manju can you submitt a side with Health replacing Mbome.


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Round 9

After Round 8

Pl   Team                      P    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1    Northside_Power           8    6   2   0    17    6   11    20
2    Island_Swell              8    6   2   0    13    5    8    20
3    Central_United            8    3   1   4    12   12    0    10
4    Southern_Dynamo           8    2   2   4     7    8   -1     8
5    East_Coast_Fury           8    1   2   5     4    9   -5     5
6    Nixontown_Nomads          8    0   3   5     3   16  -13     3
Round 9 Fixtures
Central United - Northside Power
Nixontown Nomads - Island Swell
Southern Dynamo - East Coast Fury

Round 9 looked an easy round to predict. The press had expressed the opinions that United and Power would go at each other hard and have a high scoring thriller, the Swell would walk all over the Nomads and Dynamo would have enough to see themselves passed Fury at home.

As it turned out, there were only 3 goals scored this round and some interesting results.

Table, team of the week, injuries, suspensions and other stats here


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Shocking result from the Swell. Disappointing in how negative we were against a weaker team.

Still looking good in the league.


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Hrm, draw's better than losing I guess.

10 pts clear from 3rd. Good spot to be sitting at this stage of the season.


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That ball was so over the line :@.

Least we didn't lose, that's the positive sign. To come back from behind to square things up is a fairly good effort.